Verse 24. God’s love

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I did not choose to be. I was afraid of becoming.

God took my hand and led me, gently and firmly towards this.

It’s a burden to be a prophet, for every single prophet there is, it is a burden. It’s far easier for a person of sound mind to be a plumber, or a truck driver, or a carpenter, or a bureaucrat – or a programmer like Guy Ellis taught himself to be.

It is not easy to begin in your own culture to tell people that you are a prophet of God, and seeing in the eyes of your friends when they look at you and say to themselves, quietly in their mind; “I love him, but he is stark raving mad”.

And through loving kindness of almighty God, the prophet says to his friend: “I am a prophet of God”. Then in his minds eye proceeds to ask God “please give me the words, that I may speak properly to this person in the way that he or she will understand. Understand you, and understand that I am not stark raving mad”!

God loves you. He loves you as dearly as a mother loves the child she just brought into this world. He loves you as dearly as the father who for the first time holds a son of his in his hands, and weeps with joy and love. He loves you as dearly as anyone who has ever created something beautiful, simply breathtakingly beautiful.

And he loves particularly, most of all, our abilities to love one another, even when we don’t. We do not always love each other, we human beings. We do not always perceive each other the way God does.

How can God love a person who does evil? How can God love someone who is boring, silly, and stupid? Easy! The same way that this person can love himself.

Because God understands the way your heart works and he understands the way your mind works, and he also understands your failings.

He also understands that sometimes people behave badly or do wrong simply because they have been given much pain, perhaps as children. This is one of the reasons that psychology exists. He also understands when some people who have suffered, choose in immaturity to let darkness and shadow grow within their soul.

God is far stronger than these people and he is far superior to their pain and it is very easy for him to see when these people are simply very ill and spiritually sick, and he knows that they will simply be grinded through the cycle of re-incarnation and Karma until they learn that life grows in the brightness, and that darkness can become shadow, and this you can know also.

You can know that through you loving yourself – and learning to forgive yourself and love yourself – and giving yourself time, that your own shadow can become a lesser shadow. Because in the evildoer, where the shadow has become strong and dark, maybe he simply didn’t know that he could choose, but you do and you can teach!

Sometimes the only way to teach an evildoer or a bad person anything is through loving kindness.

Pray! Pray to God that you will understand this greatest force in the Universe and that you will learn to use it, and believe and have faith that the Universe will only grow as more of us will do this.

God bless.




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