Verse 23. Faith

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am from Iceland, a highly spiritual country, populated by very spiritual people and also petty material people. You cannot have one without the other.

I have faith. God has instructed me to tell you about faith.

Faith is a wonderful thing. Faith is one of the most powerful things in the Universe. Faith is the driving force behind hope. Hope and faith are the most beautiful sisters in the Galaxy, in the Universe, in history, in all of time.

Before hope there is faith. Before faith there is hope. Hope for things to become. Hope for health. Hope for wellbeing. Hope for something beautiful. Faith that it will become. Faith that something good will become. Hope that it will eventually unfold. You can see how hope and faith are two sides of the same coin.

I will explain faith one step further. And in doing so, hope that I will reveal to you a façade of our father which is not so clear to many.

There is a common philosophical understanding that “all kind”, omnipotent, and “all loving” God which we believe in; would not be able to exist without co-existence of evil. There are many who feel that this is a false argument, yet it seems so evident.

I am revealing to you a different aspect to this philosophical and valid argument. God likes arguments; he invented them.

Challenge! Let’s have a fight of words! Watch for the outcome! May the best one win! Have faith that the one who wins is the truly better one, and not just the pretty one. The one and two are not always the same.

You see – Faith that I’m going somewhere with this, faith that Guy Ellis knows what he’s talking about. Yes!

Think of all kindness as a bright light. Think of pure evil as a dark darkness. Now imagine there is a daylight and you go outside and you look at something like a structure of some sort and you see it casting a shadow. Are you beginning to understand?

As kindness grows and goodness grows and as love grows, darkness of the evil will eventually – and I have faith that it will – become a mere shadow. Everything is still relative to the light you shine upon it.

And the pure evil that you believe that might be pure evil in this world or in this Universe we reside in. It might not be as pure evil as you believe it to be. It has to do with your faith.

To explain this in the simplest of form: Faith is when you set your mind and your heart and your soul upon something you don’t believe is thinkable or possible and you hope that it might be, you hope that it will be. Eventually you believe that it will be.

Faith is very simple yet one of the most complicated ideas in human existence. You can use it, mould it, and work with it. And through every crisis of faith that you will come upon; your faith actually grows stronger. But it might not grow into and become what you wished it to be.

No prophet believes at forty years old what he believed at thirty years old or twenty years old or ten years old. We evolve and we grow up, as does faith.

God bless.




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