Verse 22. Hate

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I did not want to be. It’s the Will of God.

And who am I? I’m a lowly prophet.

Today I give you the message of hate.

Hate is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. Like every human emotion it is a gift from God. All your emotions are created within you in God’s image. His spiritual image.

You see – you can hate Lying, you can hate Cheating, you can hate Killing, you can hate Ugly, you can hate Hating. You see?

Hate isn’t so bad, if it’s used in the right context, as with everything in life, particularly of the spiritual nature. You need to use this with care.

Though you are completely free to use it in any way you see fit. And keep in mind – if you wouldn’t know hate; how would you know Love? It is the same with anger.

When you think about things when being spiritually connected to yourself; all of these matters seem clear. God doesn’t need a spiritual scripture like this one to give you the message, the message you need to understand, the message you need to hear.

Every person can channel a connection to God and become his child, or her child.

God isn’t small?minded. He doesn’t care if you think of him as she or he. If he were small?minded, the world wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is, and as varied as it is. There wouldn’t be love or hate or anger or joy. There would be something far simpler and far more boring.

So be angry.  Be angry at anything you wish to be angry at.  Just be careful; everything you do because of your anger will have a consequence.

Choose your consequences well and walk with God.

God bless.




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