Verse 21. Anger

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I bring you the message of anger. Anger is a healthy and forceful emotion.

When you see a grown up human being lash out in violence towards a child – would you not get angry, and would you not be able to use that anger properly, with force if necessary?

You see – seen in the right perspective a force does not need to be violence. Even if used in violent ways. Do you think that God cannot become angry?

You see – if we could not get angry, we would not need the ability to forgive. In order to forgive someone you first need to be angry with that someone.

God does not hesitate to put you through a Karma, in one way or another, in order to teach you something, because you made him angry.

And it makes no sense for you to spend time – while serving time – asking “what did I do wrong”. You probably know it one way or another – but you can ask for forgiveness and you can forgive yourself, and you can forgive others and you can accept the schooling you are receiving.

Without anger none of that would happen. Without anger you would not realize the joy of life. Without darkness you would not appreciate the sun.

Darkness is evil. Just like evil is on the other side of light. Darkness is on the other side of light. Evil is on the other side of good. Why do you concern yourself with this?

This is natural. This is the natural order of the Universe. Something goes up, something goes down. Everything is in balance. Rhythmic balance – if there would be a continuous sound you wouldn’t hear it. You hear it because of the silence in between the sound waves.

Without silence in the music you wouldn’t hear it. Without different rhythm up and down, like with drumbeat, you wouldn’t hear it. Without anger you wouldn’t see fun. Without boredom you wouldn’t realize joy, fun or laughter.

And if you cannot experience the bad with the good you’re not deserving of the good. It doesn’t all have to be in equal balance, but you have to be able to trust that there is a balance and that there is a harmony to this.

You have to trust God. He didn’t create you to torture you.

And most of the torture of human beings is self made; most of it has to do with attitude. Most of it has to do with opinions. God is not concerned with that.

You see – anger or laughter and joy, you can go through both and you do not have to judge it with your feelings, or your sensations. Anger is natural, and it can be a very just thing.

Go with God.




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