Verse 20. Angels

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

A prophet of God can be many things. Some of them are simple beings who work in silence somewhere, they seek out God in any way or any form they can find him, or her.

They seek out and learn and strive to understand spiritual values above everything else. And they are interested in the wellbeing of others.

They are as different as there are many of them, some of them are greater than the others, and those who have been the greatest; you know probably all of their names. Greatest in the sense that they have become popular or their teaching used to form a new branch on the tree of The Faith.

The same prophets would not agree with the statement of them being the greatest ones. I leave it to the “clan of the prophets” for further debate.

Today I bring you the message from God regarding Angels. There are so many of them. Some of them are spiritual creatures and some of them are physical beings. All of them, just like the prophets, share one thing in common: They are servants of the creator of the Universe.

They all like to do God’s will, even if sometimes it is painful for themselves; because they feel it is the right thing to do. An Angel always tries to do the right thing and when he fails to do the right thing he relies on prayer for forgiveness. He relies on the goodwill and love of our creator.

We are all children of God.

An Angel is – in a way – a substitute or a messenger. An angel is someone who can come to you – for example – in an hour of great need through prayer. You’re praying to God for some kind of answer and at that instant something happens that opens up a new meaning for you in some way.

It might be through an angel of God – sent to you instantly – across the timeless expanse of the Universe. Because God is above time, he doesn’t need time. He can see around it, through and above it, underneath it or anywhere. So can many of his angels; traverse through time.

We are not – as human beings – meant to understand this phenomenon.

But it is comforting to know that God has servants everywhere! Life is practically brimming, overflowing, with God’s servants. Sometimes even dumb animals, dogs, cats, cows, can serve as God’s servants.

You do not understand the mind other animals do you? What do you know what the Dog believes in? You do not understand the way of the Dog’s mind, because you do not share it. We connect with dogs through our emotions and feelings.

Do you honestly think that one of the three strongest driving forces in a human being – the quest for God – is an invention of primates? That it springs forth to maturity in Homo Sapiens. Do you honestly believe that the ability to search for and see God belongs only to one kind of a mammal? Or do you believe that us mammals have a shared need for God?

Do you really think that the creator is so small?minded that he would only hear the prayers of human beings, and not of his other creations?

God bless.




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