Verse 19. Sex

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God, I am from Iceland.

There are many prophets.

Today I bring you the message from God regarding Sex.

God likes sex. It’s a very spiritual thing, having sex with someone else. He’s particularly fond of the kind of sex where everyone involved are equally willing.

He does not like sex where there is violence involved, he does not like when people violate and abuse the rights of children and he does not like any form of rape, in the meaning of rape being a sexual act where one participant is forced to do it against his or her will.

There are as many kinds of experiencing sex as there are human beings on the planet.

There are human beings who do not like sex. They find it messy, they find it too personal and they’d rather avoid it. And then there are persons who cannot get enough of it and everything between.

There are people, who like to have sex only with their chosen beloved one, then there are others who like to have “more the merrier” – not everyone likes the same colors when choosing clothes. This is variety.

God likes variety. He likes human beings, he likes them the way they are, he likes to see them grow, and he likes to see that they communicate with one another in a respectful loving way.

Sex is simply just another way of communication between a person and another person, and the feelings of everyone involved should be respected. You see – there isn’t really much to say about sex.

God doesn’t have an opinion about small matters like anal sex or oral sex; is either form bad or good? Or should sex only be done the missionary way or doggy style. What does God think about forking or spooning or scissoring? God isn’t particularly into those kind of details or classifications.

What does God think about BDSM or something like that; he’s not concerned. Is everyone involved in the sexual act doing so out of mutual respect and all involved willing for participation? Then that’s fine!  Are you doing it out of love or lust? Who gives a damn?

You see – the question regarding sex is as silly as it can be. For example what does God think about the way you eat at a table?

A human being needs food, and physical nourishment. A human being needs spiritual nourishment. A human being needs love, and to share love, both spiritually and physically.

All of these things that a human being needs and is, wants, and should be involved in; it has more to do with respect, love and care than rules and regulations about which way or not.

Who gives a damn if you eat with a fork, or chopsticks, or a spoon or with your fingers? As long as you’re eating healthy for your body, spirit and mind.

Go with God.

Have sex any way you want, anytime you please, with anyone you care for; as long as they also want to have sex with you.

God bless.




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