Verse 18. Prayer

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

Today I will give you a message concerning prayer.

God likes prayers. He likes them a lot. And he likes to hear them and listen to them. Sometimes people feel like if he forgets to respond to them but he responds to every single one.

But God sees things a little bit different from the way we see things. God can see your whole life, the way it’s going to unfold. He knows how you are put together, how you are made, what you’re made of. He knows what you’re going to learn in this lifetime.

He knows where you’re going with it. He doesn’t know all the decisions you will make. This is one of the reasons that life is so interesting. Not everything is known before it happens, but generally the direction can be guessed.

And God can intervene if he really wants to. But his ways are not your ways. And the way he sees things is not the way you see things.

He has your spiritual wellbeing rated much higher than if your prayer for a new car or a new spouse gets answered. And he has made this world in a way that sometimes people get sick and die from diseases because of the natural order of things – and he likes the natural order of things which he created.

And he knows something that human beings often forget. Your soul is eternal. The pain you may experience from time to time is not eternal. Even though you may sometimes loose hope, or faith, or even your mind, those are temporal things.

In the large scheme of time – which God can traverse and we cannot so easily, we can too but it’s not easy – he can traverse the time and he can see everything that has been before you. And he can see more or less where you are headed and particularly what you need.

The kind of prayers that God heeds or answers more often than not is when you pray for something not concerning yourself. Those are his favorite prayers.

When someone asks him to intervene on someone else’s behalf, like for example if you pray for someone who is sick or in pain or having a bad time, that is when you are actually asking for something not concerning yourself but you’re asking for the sake of others.

God likes generosity, you see. God is generous, and he likes those who are generous. He’s not generous all the time; there are some things that he likes to keep for himself.

You see – we are created in his image. We are selfish regarding some things and generous regarding other things. And appreciating this creates Balance, Harmony, Love, and Joy.

So pray! Tell God what you’re thinking about. Share with him your wishes and your dreams. Admit to him what you are afraid of, especially concerning him. If you’re afraid of him regarding something, tell him about it.

I’ll tell you a story to clarify this last point.

Long time ago Guy Ellis was looking after his niece. At the time she was three and a half years old, and she came to stay with him for a weekend. This sometimes occurred so there was nothing special about this.

At some point during breakfast, she spilled over a glass of orange juice and she began to cry. He couldn’t understand why she would begin to cry, just because she spilled over a glass of orange juice. Anyone can spill over a glass of orange juice – particularly children – what you do is you clean it up and you move on.

Later that day she admitted that she was afraid of his anger towards her. She was afraid that he would be angry with her for spilling the orange juice. She had imagined his anger and was afraid of what she had imagined. It moves you, a confession like this from a child, doesn’t it?

You see – if you want to understand God, you can begin with understanding yourself. And praying is your way of communicating with God, telling him what’s on your mind and if you’re careful you can also begin to listen, to see in which way he is responding to you.

He might actually be answering all your prayers; in ways you are not seeing because you expect the answers in your way and not his.

God bless.




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