Verse 17. Be Free

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I didn’t want to be.

But it’s the Will of God.

I have been now for two years living in extreme poverty in Iceland. No-one lives in a poverty in Iceland, but it was the Will of God. Maybe it was the will of evil beings. I do not know.

You see? Prophets do not know everything. They don’t even want to know everything. They want to understand a lot of things.

The point of the matter is that sometimes when you go through life it just is like that; you go through life! If you are a ship sailing the sea, then sometimes you will hit bad weather and high seas and it will be rough. That’s life. Sometimes it’s rough.

A person, who never hits a rough time in her life, never grows. Do you want to be a person who never grows? Well, be that as it may, you are free to do whatever you want. You are free to feel whatever you feel like. You are free to be whoever you choose to be. You are totally, utterly free.

You are forgiven all your sins, even the original one. All you have to do is to think of something you’ve done or thought to be unforgivable; you have to see in your mind’s eye who you were at that time.

In your mind’s eye you have to touch that person and say “I forgive you”. And feel the Love coming from this. And through that power you can feel power to forgive anyone living in darkness.

Darkness is evil. Darkness is not pro-life.

If you are pro evil, you can be forgiven that too, but you will be fought until then. Because the forces of kindness do not like forces of evil very much. And it’s ok to fight and just as much as a carnivore can kill a lamb to feed itself, there’s nothing wrong with the forces of good, kind and lightness, to fight the forces of evil.

Rest assured that this war is a spiritual one and not so easily seen with open eyes, but it is observable.

You can be anyone you want. You can even be an evil person. You can be forgiven anything; anything at all can be forgiven to you. The only sin – the only sin – is not to be connected to your true self; your inner self, your spirit, your soul.

The Prophet can help you to re-connect, if you want. Any prophet can help you to re-connect. Once you’re connected your whole being lights up from within. And with that light you can see so clearly where the forces of evil and the forces of light are at work.

You see? It’s so simple.

So seek out the nearest prophet, but be aware; there are many false prophets. You can see in their eyes, and you can see in the clarity of the way they explain things what they are.

I will give you a hint: Guy Ellis is not concerned with a religion; he’s not trying to form a new one. All religions are part of the same tree of Faith.

The greatest prophets, and almost every prophet alive – no, not alive, well, they are still alive, life is eternal, the soul is eternal, the soul comes around and goes around – every prophet any time in history of mankind is only driven to tell people what God told him they needed to hear.

Complicated? Not so much. None of the prophets wanted to form a new religion. Every single form of organized belief was created and constructed by people who wanted to be professional priests. Simple?

There’s nothing wrong with it. There are lots of priests around. They wouldn’t be priests if they didn’t want to be professionals. There are also lot of politicians around, people who like power and want to be professional powerists.

There are a lot of professional bureaucrats around who want to be professional bureaucrats. You are free to be whoever you want to be. You can be a truck driver, race car driver, a horse rider, a cowboy, a farmer, a politician, a priest; anything you want can be yours. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Prophets are not concerned with these things. A prophet does not see any benefit in creating a new religion; he does not see any benefit in creating a new political party. He’s just there delivering a message from God.

And he has no choice about it.

He has no choice.

It’s a part of what being a prophet is.

You see? One day you will be a prophet, and then you’ll know.

But all this goes to explain to you how to discover if there is a false prophet or not.

You see? A false prophet would be trying to steer you in a direction someplace. Into a certain form of worship or a congregation or a lecture or a course, there would be some money involved somewhere or power.

And he could be very powerful and persuasive and he could be trying to get something out of it. It would all look like it was for your benefit.

You see?

A prophet simply tells you what is. What he has discovered, and he doesn’t give a damn if you believe him or not. He doesn’t care if you use it or not. Because he knows that every human being is a spiritual person on a path in a spiritual quest for eternity. He Knows this, and he knows that it doesn’t change anything if he forms a flock or not, and he’s not concerned with that.

Because we will all die and five minutes before we die it doesn’t matter if you are the pope or a spiritual leader or a political leader or the richest man in the world or an idiot. Because you will meet your maker and you’ll be just like a leaf flowing on a river. What is a leaf flowing on a river, but a part of life?

You see? I have given you a model which you can use to seek out a prophet to help you to become free from your sin, free yourself from spiritual imprisonment, and to re-connect your soul.

It’s so simple.

God bless.




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