Verse 16. The ego and the I

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am coming from Iceland. I am also a human being. And I was instructed to tell you about myself. You see, I made a human mistake, last verse was supposed to be this one.

I sometimes end up with a prophesy, that’s the nature of being a prophet. You give up “The Ego”, you become “The I” – you join with God. You connect with him through connecting to your soul. And in doing so, you forget the Ego and you forget the personal ambition. You forget even talking about who you are.

It’s a spiritual bliss.

And being part of The Faith, is joy – it’s fun, it’s Love – it’s worth it. You get something out of it. What you get out of it is a secret.

Guy Ellis is just a normal guy. But as with all prophets he has spent his entire life searching for Life, and Love, and God, and Spiritual Values.

He’s never been concerned with what he owns, or what he looks like, what he appears to be, what he has or what isn’t. He has searched for values like psychological values and for spiritual understanding, and spiritual values. He has tried out forming a company and running a company and also failed running a company, and also being the success. He has had money and he has had extreme poverty.

He has spent time around people do drugs, he has spent time around people who are “evangelists of the purest religion” and he has done everything between these extremes. He has had friends who are rich, he has had friends who are poor, and he has made friends with scientists and people who can barely read.

He has lived his life, being concerned with anything human like if he was born the first time. Who knows? Maybe this is his first his incarnation, maybe it’s his last. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care.

What he cares about is that he is part of life and he likes it. You see? He tries not to be defined by the rules of how society likes to see things.

He tried to find the answers for himself and one day he received the revelation “you are a prophet”. And for months Guy Ellis – me – tried not to become a prophet.

I did not want to be a prophet! It has a bad job description.

A prophet like Guy Ellis has to teach other people about spirituality and he’s not interested in that. He’s interested in finding things out for himself and apply them to his own life. He’s not interested in telling other people how they should live or how they should think or what they should believe. It’s not what Guy Ellis is interested in.

But The Will of God; is more than your will.

You see? Can you see without looking?

If it is the Will of God that you are one thing and not the other, then there is no way you can wiggle out of it! If you read books about other prophets in history you can see that this is true. And for any person alive on this planet you cannot get out of your destiny. You cannot escape your destiny and you cannot escape your Karma.

Karma is a form of energy which has been fused into your soul. Karma is part of who your soul is – the way your soul is – the way your soul makes decisions and it is pure energy, nothing more, nothing less. Just like yourself: You Are Pure Energy, like God is, like the Universe is, or “the I”. You are part of the whole.

And that’s what Guy Ellis is – he’s just a normal guy who didn’t want to buy a house or become rich – he wanted to find God and he did.

And once he found God, God said “hey tell others about me”.

“I don’t want to do that” said Guy Ellis.

“But you have no choice”.

You see?

If you find the sunlight, and you are amongst the few who does. This is what the prophets are: They are those who have sought out sunlight from darkness, and found sunlight, what do you do if you’re one of the few people standing in the sunlight and you see everyone else standing in darkness: What would you do?

What would You do?

God bless.




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