Verse 15. Ways of seeing

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I reside in Iceland.

I am not particularly Icelandic, I never have been. Yes I’m born Icelandic, by Icelandic parents and raised in Iceland. I have been instructed by God to tell you about prophets and about ways of seeing.

You see – there are prophets everywhere. There are prophets everywhere around you; almost none of them are particularly concerned with the religion they belong to. When a prophet meets another prophet they often recognize each other by the gleam in their eyes, or their aura, or the way they teach or simply by the whole gestalt of their being.

They might not agree on anything – logically that is – because if one of them is from Tibet and another one from Arizona, and because of different cultural backgrounds they might have different ways of seeing the world through the filter of their opinions.

That’s precisely what our opinions are. They are opinions, or filters, which we use to observe the world through.

If you believe that God is manifest by the Sun then that’s how you will see the sunlight; as the rays of God in your life. And if someone comes to you and says “no, the sun is a fiery gas cloud somewhere in the sky, very condense, somewhere in empty space, swimming in a circle around a center, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of millions of other suns, even much larger ones” – then to the worshiper of the sun-god, you’re speaking gibberish.

Both might still – spiritually – be prophets of God,.

There is no clear definition for what a prophet of God is. It isn’t necessarily someone who can predict the future. It is not necessarily someone who can heal the sick. Pay attention to the word “necessary”!

It isn’t necessarily someone who can walk on water or know what’s in your heart. It isn’t necessarily someone who has a message concerning the nature of God. It might be just someone living down your street, being concerned with the quest for spiritual values and trying to find what they truly are beneath all the mumbo jumbo.

The mumbo jumbo is in the meaning of “long complicated sentences put together in a way to sound intelligent”. Prophets are usually not concerned with intelligence or appearances. That’s what makes them different.

And their true value often shines best when there is a crisis in the society where they live. Because these people are usually very strong, because their spirit is very strong and because their attitude is very simplistic. And they’re not overly concerned with if they lose their house or their cars or their bank-accounts. They’re usually more concerned with what they are at the time of their death, or like five minutes before their death.

They are often more concerned with the kind of values you can take with you into afterlife, because even if some of them don’t believe in an afterlife, they all know somehow that the life inside of you is eternal, and the spiritual soul, which creates who you are, is eternal. It cannot die.

You see? You are eternal! You are not who think you are.

You see? Your name isn’t important – only “the I” is.

When you refer to yourself, you say “I am”. Every single being does this.

I am. This is what we have in common. You see?

You see? I am! You are! And when You look at me, you say “you are”. I am – at the same moment – I and You. And together “we are we”!

This is so simple. This is the primary simplicity of The I – The Me – The You – The Us. It is what unifies you and me. It is the reason why you and me can understand one another. It is the reason why you and me can create a community. It is the reason why you and I and you and me – or we – can understand one another; understand other beings, and even other mammals.

We share the common “I” – in harmony.

The Ego is nothing. It is the ego which divides us. I am Guy Ellis; you might be John Doe. You put a name to The I – you put a personality to The I. You put your emotions to The I. All created, it’s all created.

You see – when “the I” meets the physical body it gets chemistry.

You know how you feel when you’re hungry? Do you know how you feel when you’re not hungry? Do you know how you feel when you’re drunk or when you’re not? It’s all created, by metabolism.

The John Doe or the Guy Ellis, we are just products of this metabolism. What matters behind it is “the I” – and that’s where you find spiritual values. And that’s where you find the pathway to God.

This is why the original and only sin is “being not connected to your soul”.

God bless.




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