Verse 14. Balance and harmony

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I did not want to be. But there you are.

There is a law in nature and inside of you, which tells you when you are in balance and when you are not, when something is right and when something is wrong.

God is very interested in balance, especially the balance of nature. Have you ever seen a lion hunt corn for food in a cornfield? No – a Lion is a carnivore, it’s a hunter. It hunts prey, kills it, and eats it. Consumes it, and uses it to feed his pack.

As a Lion goes it would rather hunt an herbivore than another carnivore like itself, another hunter. It’s the way things are. Not all carnivores are the same in this respect.

Dogs for example, just like human beings, like to hunt with other members of their pack. They like to hunt herbivores, and they like to laugh. Dogs laugh in a different way than humans, but they laugh nevertheless.

Since Guy Ellis – this prophet – likes to train and breed dogs, he often uses them as an example of certain things. It’s the same with all prophets. All prophets have received their visions and revelations in a way they could understand and reflect on those understandings, using the way they understand life at the given time.

A prophet one-thousand years ago would have explained the same principles in a different way – and probably did. And a thousand years before, and a thousand years before and in different areas of the planet, even at the same time.

You see? There are always the same principles involved.

Any religion you find, any faith you find, any organized way of worship you find, it’s always concerned with the same principles. Everywhere!

It’s the same tree. The Faith has many branches. There is a Christian branch, there is a Moslem branch, there is a pagan branch, there is Aesir branch, there is Taoism, and there is Zoroastrianism, to name but a few. There are so many ways of belief.

To try to analyze and correct each or any one of them is not the Will of God. Every branch is there because it yearns for God. One branch fighting off the other branches is out of harmony.

God likes harmony! Evil does not like harmony. Evil likes something else. Even evil doesn’t always know what it likes, but this message concerns itself with harmony, and not evil.

You see – Harmony has a lot to do with what you eat, what you consume. Because you become it. And you can feel what you are, according to what you eat. You can feel the harmony it creates with you.

And God isn’t concerned with this from a spiritual aspect. He doesn’t care if you are a carnivore or not. He doesn’t care if you are a vegetarian, a Vegan, a pescetarian or whatever.

He’s concerned with your spiritual well being, your spiritual growth, and that you will eventually find your way – being through Karma, re-incarnation or spiritual enlightenment or whatever you believe in.

That you can find your way out of this prison called earth, and become the god you should be. The god you may have been or the god you aspire to become – in Harmony, with God.

God bless.




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