Verse 13. Time and living

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

There are many prophets.

They are all right – and they’re all right.

You see – all the religions, all the different aspects of faith, are branches of the same tree. Even the negative attitude ones, are part of The Tree of Faith.

And the small gods might be minions of the great one.

You see, there are a lot of angels in the Universe and some of them play god. Some of them act like god. Some of them are not pro-life. You know what that means. But they’re still part of this universe, and the universe is part of God. And therefore everything in this Universe is part of him, one way or the other.

And therefore all the religions are pathways to him.  Because every tree is growing towards heaven. Towards God.

Does he only stay in heaven? No.

Is he an old guy with a beard? No.

Is he a spirit? Yes.

What kind of a spirit? Well; he’s a very fiery spirit.

The universe originally was started off with a huge explosion in empty nothingness. It was created out of God’s thoughts, and feelings, and desire for Life. You know this.

You know the fire of the Sun sustains life on our planet. What further proof do you need?

And our sun is so very tiny in this universe. Science has taught us that.

You see? You see?

There is only one God. He doesn’t care if you put a name to him or not. He doesn’t care what kind of organized religion you’re part of. He doesn’t care about that.

He isn’t concerned with sin, in the sense that many religions teach. He is not concerned about people being sinful and he is not concerned about putting people into categories of “you are good, you can go to heaven. You are bad; you can go to hell.” So forth and so on. He’s not into nitty gritty laws and regulations.

You see – nature has laws you cannot escape.

If you try to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, you will sooner or later be exhausted and you will drown in the water. You do not have gills like a fish. You can live on dry land, only.

You see yet?

It’s so simple. It’s all in front of your eyes. You only have to look at matters with your spiritual eyesight. God is spirit, the trees search for him in the sky, as a symbol of him being spiritual. Every answer you seek is within you. Every spiritual answer you seek is within you – and outside you – in the nature around you.

Two years ago Guy Ellis the prophet went into an office. He had to go there and do some business with some documents he had to have processed. He was asked to wait.

While he waited in a side room he noticed a large tree, a yucca. A yucca plant in a large pot, standing beside a window which pointed towards the west and the only sunlight it got would have been in the evenings.

This tree was like a meter and a half tall and one meter wide with all the branches. It was dying. There where about fifteen leaves on the whole tree.

Guy Ellis broke one tiny branch off it, very small, like five centimeters long. It had about three leaves on it. He put it in water – or he put it straight into a pot with soil – and it stayed for three or four months, slowly rooting itself. He forgets the details – he’s only human.

What he noticed was that it took almost a year –the tree didn’t grow. But it survived.

You see?

It was a dead tree. It was almost dead.

There had been very few leaves on the large yucca plant. Three leaves where taken and they were put in a pot and for a whole year they didn’t grow. Yes they rooted themselves, they survived.

After a year and a half, it began to grow. It had healed itself, given time. It’s the law of nature.

If you’re hurt, you need to find a place where you’re safe so that you can heal yourself. You can give yourself everything you need to survive. But it takes time to heal before you grow.

You see – this is a spiritual value, and you know it. You know it inside of yourself. We all know it. Because we are part of it.

Some time ago Guy Ellis was given a chance to open up his home for a young dog. She is a daughter of one of his older dogs. She had been tossed from owner to owner five times and she was only eighteen months old.  In a year and a half she had been thrown between homes and owners five times. This can destroy any dog.

When she had been in Guy Ellis’s home for eleven months she began slowly to show symptoms of healing. And she’s growing, like the tree.

Now she’s gentle, she’s willing to learn, she likes to play and she shows respect to other dogs. All it took was patience and love.

This is a spiritual value. Manifest in life around you.

You see?

Do you see?

Are you observing and looking and measuring, or do you just see?

Those who looked into the eyes of this dog could see the pain inside her soul. It took only love and time, to heal the pain and only then could she begin to grow again.

And you know this value!

You do not need a psychological book. You don’t need magazine articles. You don’t need sermons. You do not need regulations and laws to know what is true and what is right, what is the “Love and Law of Nature”.

It’s in your heart!

It’s in your soul.

It is part of what your spirit is made from. Connect and stay connected to your inner spirit, and you are without sin! You are alive!

God bless.




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