Verse 12. Insight on Forgiveness

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I did not want to be. But, It’s the will of God, and so be it.

It’s very easy to go through life, doing what you want, in the way you want, when you want, where you want, and to hell with the consequences. This is very common in today’s consumerism. It wasn’t so common in other parts of our western society, other parts meaning other timelines.

Guy Ellis is living in the 21st century since the birth of Christ. But three-hundred years ago, it was different. Different attitudes, different ways of thinking.

Every human being, living at every given time in the timeline feels that the way he lives and the way he thinks and the way he sees things is the only way, and the best way. Surely better than was before.

You can believe this; two-thousand-five-hundred years ago, in Ancient Greece, there had already been opinions and matters and ways of seeing and ways of thinking and ways of understanding. Everything that we understand today, they already knew. The only difference really is technology, we have different technology but that’s it.

You can go into India, back four-thousand years. They had beautiful societies, harmonious and even technological, even more technological than some of them might appear today. In the way they were able to organize huge cities and you know how difficult it is to organize huge cities. For example with regard to feeding everyone and keeping everything clean and bringing water to everyone. And making sure that they could deal with for example sickness or containing the spread of epidemics: This is a great feat to do in the technological advancement four-thousand years ago!

But at any given time we feel that we are better and more advanced than the people who have gone before our time. That’s fine.

God likes this. He likes us. And he likes kindness. And he likes emotional freedom. And he likes variety. And he likes creativity. And particularly he likes forgiveness.

You see?

Forgiveness! Today I am instructed to give you a message from God about forgiveness, in a way you’ve probably not heard before.

Have you ever done something you truly regret?

Every human being on this planet has. At some part in our lives. You may have been three year old or five year old or ten year old, twelve year old, or fifteen year old, twenty year old. Grown up, mature, middle aged. Only you can know this. God knows this too.

At some point in your life. Even if it was only once. Many of us, Guy Ellis as well, has done many things he’s ashamed of in some way. Until God sent him this message.

You look at this thing you’re ashamed of, something you did or thought or said which you are ashamed of. You look at yourself; you look at yourself at that time as you were, because you’re not the same person anymore. In your mind and in your heart you touch that person and you say to yourself: “I forgive you”.

Every time that the thought of that shame comes up in your mind or in your heart or in your soul, you envision yourself again, as the other, and you touch that person who is yourself, and you say to that person “I forgive you”.

And you repeat this every time, until you are without sin.

You see. This is Love!

And from this will grow in you the tree – or the garden – of Love.

Love it, live it, in joy, with God.

You’re part of him anyway. You cannot escape it.

God bless.

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