Verse 11. Good and Evil

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

There are many prophets, there are always prophets, and there always have been. All prophets are concerned with one thing; the difference between good and evil.

Evil can appear very kind. Evil can appear very angelic. Evil knows how to smile and be warm and be kind and be generous. Evil likes to play games. Kindness also, and kindness can seem very cruel.

There are many people who believe that spanking their children for certain offences is kindness called discipline. Different cultures at different times have different ways of raising their children. It is not the work of this prophet to shape an opinion on this.

If there’s love in it, joy, kindness, respect, I have not much to say about the method. Not as a prophet that is. As a human being, yes.

Human beings have opinions about everything, it’s part of growing up, it’s part of being alive, it’s part of who we are. And it is through our opinions that we discover evil, and we discover kindness and good.

What is good and what is evil? It is easy for you to understand that, once you are connected to your spiritual self. It’s the same thing as you also know when someone loves you or smiles to you or is kind to you. You can feel it inside.

There are detectors in your soul who can tell when you’re being deceived or not. You simply know it. No-one can define it or explain it in terms in order to change it. It’s part of why you feel good when the sun is shining, and not on a cloudy day. There is a scientific explanation to this.

Rest assured that good and evil are detected the same way. The Faith has a way of explaining things too: Kindness and good are pro life, and they’re spiritually connected. Evil is not.

And how can I know, or how can you know?

For example if you’re working in a huge company with one-thousand employees, somewhere in the middle of a big city, and you are troubling yourself over if that company is governed by loving kindness or evil. Is evil or good controlling this company?

Why are you concerned with it? It’s just a job isn’t it?

I am! Guy Ellis, the prophet, is very concerned with this. Are the actions of those controlling – are they pro life or are they not?

It’s very easy to have an answer to this. Pro life, what does it mean? Pro life means everything that grows in harmony, like a plant. If you take a seed and you plant it in your garden and you water it, it will sprout and it will grow into a plant; in harmony, with the other things in the garden.

And everyone feels cool about it. Sometimes yes, there can be pain. When you are nurturing the garden you sometimes have to transpose a plant or two. It probably feels pain while at it, but the whole garden will grow and benefit.

This is a good model for you to use, as a measurement. Like one of the greatest prophets said once: “Look at the tree, and look at the fruits of the tree”. Then you will see if it is evil or not, if it is pro life or not. God is very interested in life – he created it. And he created life out of love and he created it joyfully.

You see?

Are you in a situation where people are actually doing things out of love and joy? Pro-life? This is so easy to see.

God bless.




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