Verse 10. The original sin

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am giving you today the message of the original sin, and in doing so I am also clarifying to you what the sin is.

You see – there is only one sin! And the sin is so simple and so easy to understand. And sometimes not so easy to overcome.

The original first sin – and the only sin – is not to be spiritually connected to yourself.

You see?  It is simple.

I will repeat this: The original sin – the only sin – is not being spiritually connected to your own spirit, to your self, to your inner self, to who you originally are.

You see?

When you were an embryo in your mother’s womb, you already had a soul. The soul is the same as it is today. The only difference is that you’ve learned language, movement and to use physical memory of the physical person you believe yourself to be. But driving that person is your spiritual soul.

Guy Ellis is a lover of dog training and dog breeding. He has dogs of the breed German Shepherds. He’d love to be outside in the sun training them, but he is a prophet of God. He’s been instructed to give you a message and since he is a very spiritually connected person, he heeds the Will of God.

Not following the will of God is not a sin. It’s just a matter of choice. But not being spiritually connected to your primary soul is a sin.

It removes you from being able to live in harmony on the planet. It removes you from the being able to live in harmony with God. It removes you from being able to live in harmony with other people who are spiritually connected.

Look around you; look at the society governing the world today. Is it spiritually connected to its primary soul, or is it out of harmony?

Is it full of Anger, Hate, Retribution, Violence, War, Economic complications from controlling people and societies?

Or is it concerned with love? Joy of life? Living in spiritual harmony with other people, mutual understanding and mutual respect? Or is it based on fear?

You see? Once you’re spiritually connected to yourself, and in the last few moments you actually achieved your spiritual connection – You can feel it inside of you.

You see! It isn’t difficult. It’s actually very easy.

Being spiritually connected to your inner self and to your soul is a clear pathway to become connected to God. Right this moment in your feeling and sensation of inner connection with yourself, you’re feeling connected with God. Right this moment you can feel how everything is connected to everything else, through love of creation and joy.

It’s everywhere, and you’re part of it. And the life you feel inside of you is everywhere. You’re part of it. You are not “a life”, you’re not “alive”; you are part of life. You are one part of a very large – Something. It doesn’t even have a name.

I have already told you about the name of God.

Easy – simple, uncomplicated – just like nature.

Nature is simple isn’t it? Yet it likes infinite detail. We are like that ourselves. Enjoy it – and be free from sin.

God bless.




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