Verse 9. Spiritual person

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

Have you noticed: I am not THE Prophet of God – there is no THE Prophet of God.

There is only one faith.  Really!

Deep rooted in the spiritual need of every human being to form an opinion regarding the question of meaning of life and life after death.

Every human being thinks about these matters. Every human being forms an opinion about these matters.

Some people believe that there is nothing and are usually called non-believers or Atheists. That is a belief unto itself. It’s a branch of the huge tree that has grown from the need of every human being to seek answers, to spiritual questions. Human beings; created in the spiritual image of God.

We have all the emotional abilities and attributes of God; ranging from undeserved kindness and love, to wrath and jealousy. God has those. He gave them to us. It’s up to us to learn how to use them.

God knows and probably you too that Guy Ellis had to learn how to use his abilities for anger and wrath and jealousy. But God was kind. He showed him the way to learn, and he learnt.

You see – it is important for every spiritual person to be able to read the answers. And to follow those answers even if they are the painful ones. Believe me; you want painful answers. They are the ones who actually teach you stuff.

God likes forgiving kindness. God likes to forgive people. And he particularly likes to do it because he can. It’s very easy for God to forgive because he has the power to do it.

Or so it seems.

You see – sometimes we have to forgive, because we have no other option. Believe me, that is no forgiveness. What on earth does this mean? It’s very simple.

If a group of people come and smash the windows of your home and you are alone in it. Then you cannot possibly forgive them because they are overpowering you. You cannot fight back.

It’s only when you have the power to fight back that you can forgive. You should actually fight those ten people or hide yourself so that they won’t kill you and later find a way of retribution, and payback. That’s the natural order of things. Do not be conceived.

If a group of people come into your house and ruin it, then you would do the wise thing to hide yourself, and then later find some friends to help you to do something about it.

It’s called masculinity. Called standing up for your-self. You know it is right. It is part of who you are! Part of being a human being, part of being created in God’s image. He would do the very same thing.

You don’t need to read hundreds of pages of spiritual books instructing you how to be. You know all the answers you need to know, inside of you, but some answers have to be sought out and revealed.

Once you have assembled your friends and together you have found the perpetrators – maybe there are many of you now, and you can overpower them – then you can decide. If you want, you can decide; you can choose to forgive. Once you have the power of retribution or payback, then you can choose forgiveness if you want it.

This is precisely the beauty of forgiveness. If you do not have the power to forgive, don’t even try to bother with it. You cannot forgive unless it is in your power to do so.

If someone does you wrong, there’s no need for you to forgive if you have been wrongfully overpowered. You cannot. You cannot forgive those who do you wrong and abuse you with their own power. You can only fight back in some way.

It’s only when you have found a way to fight back that you can forgive. This is not the same as letting go of anger.

If someone does you wrong and you feel anger towards the person, you can replace this anger with contempt.  You can despise the one you’re angry with. Let’s make an example about this.

Let’s make a very simple example. Let’s say that you are a divorced person and your ex does something to hurt you, and feel very hurt.  And your ex does this in a way that you feel being wronged and abused in some way.

If you choose to forgive it, well: Maybe you don’t have the power to forgive it, but you might feel really anger and bitter. What you can do is to despise the person, think little of the person, like “this person is small, beneath me”. You can add “this person doesn’t bother me” and in this way you can achieve a kind of forgiveness called letting go.

You see? There’s a trick here.

You’re not going to forget.

This is precisely what is meant by forgiveness and the power. While anger controls you, while you’re angry and bitter towards the person who wronged you, while this controls you, you’re being controlled. You therefore do not have any power, and you cannot forgive.

Once you look at the other person and think: How immature, how despicable, how childish, the other person is, and seeing how you are getting free from the negative emotions, how you are turning the focus from the other party and to yourself, to your own spiritual wellbeing: You see –feeling power coming back to you?

What you’re doing is that you’re directing the focus of your negative energy and entanglement, because you’re entangled, and some people are entangled for eternity in this deadly embrace.

You can turn the focus towards yourself and feed yourself with positive warm feeling and attitude and you can – it’s ok if you take a long time doing this – you can talk for a while about how you were wronged and bladibladibla, but do not forget: God created life to be lived today and not in the past and not for the future, but today.

Yes you plan for tomorrow, you have to be careful and wise, and yes you learn from your past, but you’re living today. This is so simple: Keep it simple.

By removing your emotions from the other person, despising the person if you must – that’s a very healthy attitude – you can free yourself. And by doing this you will get the emotional upper hand and you can keep this to use at a later time.

Do not forget, do absolutely not forget. Forgiveness is not forgetting.

This has enormous power. This is enormous gift. This is one of the pillar stones of a happy life in a happy community, of powerful, energetic, dynamic, spiritual, creative people. Woohooo!

Forgive if you can, but don’t if you cannot.

God bless.

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