Verse 8. Matrimony

I am Guy Ellis. I am prophet of God.

Today I deliver to you the message of holy matrimony.

God is not overly concerned with it.

The holy matrimony, or marriage, is invented by different societies in different ways to suit different needs.

God doesn’t care if one woman decides to have two husbands. Or if one man decides to have five wives. He’s more concerned with the unity and the love and respect within the family.

If two people come together and decide to form a house for family, and they do it out of mutual respect, mutual love for mutual benefit, and they both feel good about it; it’s ok with God.

You see – he’s more into unity, love, joy and happiness than rules and regulations. That’s they way things have always been.

Human beings have not always been the way they are today. Two-thousand years ago they behaved a little bit different and had different opinions and different attitudes. Different societies.

Two-thousand years before that it was very different from today. And we can go hundred thousand years into the past. We can go so far into the past; we can go to the time when human beings were just wild animals on this planet. They have evolved. They have changed. They have matured.

It’s the way life is. Whether you like it or not.

Do not be over concerned with if God uses Evolution or Instant Creation.  Be concerned to use science and scientific methods to try to find out.

God likes mysteries, just like we do.

If you like a murder mystery on TV or in a book, rest assured you’re not the first one. “Who’s done it?” Try to find answers to your questions. That’s the human experience, that’s the way we are.

We even ask questions there are no questions to be answered. You think God is different? He created you in his spiritual image.

Do you love someone? And that someone loves you? And the two of you want to form a family together? Maybe you don’t want to live together in the same house, but sometimes be in one house and sometimes in another and sometimes being separate. Do you want to have an open marriage or a closed marriage?

These are just detailed variations from a theme. God likes variety. He created life in variety.

You see – there is much evil on this planet. That’s why it’s a prison cell for re?incarnated souls carrying their karma between lives. They’re trying to evolve towards getting out of here. Becoming godlike themselves one day. This is why some people can almost perform miracles; they’re so close to getting out.

The greatest of the prophets have gotten out. In their last lives on this planet, they left huge thumbprints. You can figure out for yourself who they were.

But rest assured. Love, Respect, Harmony, and Joy – this is the basis of a good matrimony. That is a holy matrimony. The details – you can work with them.

But don’t bother God with boring details.

God bless.

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