Verse 7. A name

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland.

Iceland was created for people who ask themselves spiritual questions.

The Name of God: Is not important. Your name isn’t important.

Guy Ellis in Icelandic, his name is “Guðjón Elías”.  In English, the same name is really Guy Ellis. How many are those names? Four?

His father’s name was Ívar Hreinberg. In Iceland you call yourself by your father. Guy Ellis should be Ívarsson, but out of respect for his father and his father’s memory he took up one of his father’s names – Hreinberg – therefore his name is Guy Ellis Hreinberg.

It’s an Icelandic name, with a Scandinavian heritage and cultural opinion – this is just a name.

You see?

Guy Ellis, in school, when he was Icelandic with other Icelandic children, they used to call him “Gaui” – which is almost like “Guy” – but Gaui is an Icelandic nickname of Guðjón.

You see – names are just names.

If you look at a country, like if you look at a country like Spain in Europe. In Icelandic you would say “Spánn”. In Spanish you’d say “Hispania”. And some people would actually call it Iberia.

It’s just a name. It doesn’t change what country it is.

Iceland was once called Thule. Some people called it Ultima Thule. This was two-thousand years ago. Once it was called Garðarshólmi – can you repeat Garðarshólmi? But it’s still Iceland.

Doesn’t change the fact of who it is.

You can, in your prayer ask God “what is your name” and pick for him the first name that comes into your head and you can say to yourself “I got an answer” and use this name. You put a name to God and he’ll probably accept it.

Because he’s not a small God. He’s not going to love you or hate you or grant you eternal life or eternal hell, upon which name you call him by.

Perhaps you believe that he is many Gods and you put different names to different aspects of his, like is done in some cultures.

We belong to “One Tree of Faith” with many different branches of Religions. We are pursuing spiritual enlightenment and spiritual maturity.

We are not going to make a war over a small thing like a name, or a caricature. You know what a caricature is? You can make a fun caricature of Guy Ellis. No-one is going to sentence you to death for it.

In fact God likes humor. But he’s not into disrespect, that’s another thing and we’ll talk about that another day.

Make sure that when you are thinking of a name for God, that you’re making up a name for the right God. There is only one God. There is only one supreme creator of this Universe. Make sure that you’re talking to Him – so that he can send you his angels.

The spiritual kingdom of God is not unlike the way we form our own countries and states and agencies. There is someone calling the shots, but there are lots of minions. The minions aren’t necessarily small.

This planet today is brimming with angels – going back and forth – tending to prayers, helping people, delivering messages and God only knows what not!

We are part of a very large Universe. The earth doesn’t mind if it’s called something else. The Sun doesn’t mind if you call her Sunna – or Gloria!

Gloria – is a nice name for The Sun. I mean, there are other Suns with other names.

Now, just make sure that there is only one God.

There is only one glorified creator of this Universe. Be very careful with this. By praying to a different God, a lesser god, who might be a rebellious god – be concerned. Whose team are you on?

You want to get out of this prison – eventually.

God bless.




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