Verse 6. Science

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am from Iceland. Iceland is a very spiritual country. You can have spiritual revelations and experiences almost anywhere in this country.

Almost – not everywhere – almost everywhere.

There are places in this country where you can spend an entire day in a spiritual bliss, and when you leave that spot, you feel affected by it. You feel changed.

There are a few of those places but their locations are secret. There are those who have sought them out, traversed the entire country in order to find those places and they say the same thing. They are secret; you have to find them for yourself.

Today I will talk to you about God and science – as instructed. I am merely the messenger.

Personally I’d rather be a software programmer somewhere in a nice company, making software, and in my spare time training my dogs. Alas, not everyone gets what he wants in this life.

God and science.

God likes science.

He invented it. Yes he did.

Take your car for example. Dismantle it. You can see that every object in your car has a special place, and it fits. It’s the same with this planet. It’s the same with you on the planet.

Take cooking. Let’s make pancakes, for example. You heat the pan. While the pan is heating to the correct heat, you take flour, then sugar, some soda. You mix it together, you put an egg, maybe some spices. Some people put cinnamon in their pancakes.

Cinnamon is a natural antidepressant. Everything you need is in nature, by the way.

Everything you need.

It’s all very scientific.

Almost anywhere you go on this planet, when you find a poison that kills you, within two-hundred meters there is an antidote. You only need to know where it is, how to extract it.

Scientific. It’s all been thought out, it’s all been planned. Like your car, like your cooking. Like putting together a space shuttle. It’s a technological achievement, yes; it’s very scientific yes, so was building the first car. So was the invention of the wheel!

All inventions are merely ways of putting together something God has already created.

Therefore science is a way to look at the life on this planet. Look at the Universe and discovering it.

It all involves taking precise steps, doing things in the right order, measuring things to the right measurements. Doing things in the way that they will work together. That they will fit in time – and the more you love to do it, the better you will do it.


Love! Is everything.

Hate and anger, isn’t.

Many scientists, and science oriented people, feel that those who are spiritual and interested in God are non-scientific and must be stupid. This is the silliest opinion God has ever heard.

There are many scientists, who have discovered new things about life and the Universe; and who believe in God. And they have used their new knowledge in a way to change their opinions and change their beliefs – but they still believe in God.

And they are not shy of allowing science to transform the way they see, with their spiritual mind. This is not silly.

But a person who equates narrow mindedness and rigidness of spirit – that’s wholly different.

There are many spiritual minded people who refuse to allow new knowledge and new ways of seeing to brighten their day, to give them new and deeper insight. And God doesn’t care, if this statement involves believers or non-believers.

Be reminded; The Faith is a large tree with many branches. Not all of the branches are pretty.

But rest assured that a quest for God or a quest for knowledge or a quest for science; they are sister branches on the tree.

God bless.

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