Verse 5. Other prophets

I am Guy Ellis. I am a Prophet of God. I am from Iceland.

You should see it someday. You’ll never forget it.

Today I will talk to you about other prophets. I will teach you how to see them, to notice them.

You see – at any given time, anywhere on this planet, and it has always been so, there is a prophet of God.

Do not mistake me, when I say “he”, I might mean “she”.

God doesn’t care about being politically correct. I do not need to say he or she when I refer to human beings. I make it simple: He.

That’s the way literature has often been. That’s how stories have often been told. That’s how I work.

At any given time, there is a prophet somewhere. It has always been like this.

Prophets are very naïve simple persons. They usually spend their lives searching for God in different places, different circumstances, and they try out things they learn, and they get acquainted with other people’s ideas, and they look at them and they try them out, and they are usually very spiritual, and they think in a way that a common man cannot easily understand them.

They are very special blessed creatures.

In certain cultures they have been called “the idiots”. They are the kind of people who go through society and they seem to be nothing, or nobody. They are usually not the kind of people who own the beautiful large houses.

Look at Buddha, he was a prince! He was going to become a king after his father. He left the kingdom; it had no value for him.

This is the case with all prophets of God.

They do not see any value in material possessions. They are not concerned with them. They see only the spiritual values. People – the normal person – do not understand this.

In times of crisis, and in times of war, and in times of difficulties, those prophets have proven themselves, time and a time again to be the rocks and pillars society stands on.

How? Who cares? I’m not concerned with that. That is not the message.

I’m only instructed to tell you that there is no such thing as “the one prophet”.

Mohammed was one of the greatest prophets. Blessed be his name.

Jesus Christ was one of the greatest prophets. Blessed be his soul. And he is also the son of God.

There are so many prophets. Some are greater than the others.

Guy Ellis is the smallest one. His work is only being done because he is instructed to do it. I’ll tell you about that someday.

Pay attention: Next time you go shopping, you might meet a prophet, and it takes a very special way of seeing to see it.

God bless.




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