Verse 4. Trust

My name is Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

How do you know that you shouldn’t lie to someone else? How do you know that other people lie to you? Well – you don’t.

But you know how it feels, when you discover that someone has lied to you.

And you know how you feel, when you have told a lie, and you know that the lie is serious. You know how it feels.

I told you before; we do not need to read a religious book in order to know right from wrong. We do not need to define it. We do not need to know it.

When someone has obviously told you a big lie, then obviously you do not want to have a society built with this person. It’s obvious isn’t it?

It cannot be a friend. It certainly cannot be your spouse or your lover, because you want to trust people who live in your house.

Trust has to do with dependability.

You need to be able to take your life savings and put it in the hands of your spouse and say “will you please take care of this for me, I have to go on a trip for a while, and I trust that you will keep this safe for me while I’m gone. And I also trust that you’ve not taken a lover, that you have not replaced me with someone else”.

If you come back and you find your lifesavings gone, you will never trust this person again. You will never want this person near you again. And you want every one in your neighborhood to know what this person did, so that they can avoid this person.

This is precisely what we do when we make laws and punishments. It’s to let people know, how they should be, in order to form a community or a society of people who can trust one another and live happy together. To be unified in the pursuit for joy of life.

We don’t need to read a book about this. We don’t even need to make laws concerning this. Because it’s ingrained in us. The reason why we make different kinds of laws and different kinds of societies has to do with only one thing: We like to make rules! That’s it.

Then sometimes, very slowly over time – we change our minds concerning rules. In some countries it is lawful to kill someone because he broke the rules. God is not for that.

At present time, on this planet now, there are some countries that kill people for breaking certain rules. And there are countries that do not. Some countries that do not kill people for breaking the rules, used to do it.

They’ve grown up, spiritually.

This is so simple.

God doesn’t like death. He’s not into it. There’s no life in it. Not the killing sense that is.

He doesn’t care that you kill animals to eat them. That’s natural; he created nature in that way.

He doesn’t really care that you die of old age or out of some sickness. This planet is created in a way that sometimes you get sick, and can you die from it. It’s the way nature acts, there’s nothing bad about it. It’s part of life. It’s part of the circle of life.

Old pagan religions, those branches of The Faith, knew this.

Particularly I’m instructed to point out to you that the Old Norse religions – or the Norse religion in Scandinavia – which is still thriving in some parts – are very concerned, with the circle of life.

God likes the circle of life – a lot – he created it.

He likes that there are people who have noticed it. And that he likes.

Have you ever seen a child creating something from Lego cubes or drawing or mud house or anything? Suddenly, “hey I created this” and you come and you admire what your child created and you see how proud the child becomes? That you’ve come and noticed its creation.

Have you ever seen someone building anything, and you’ve come to him and said “hey, this is cool!” And the other one says “yeiy, I created it!”

You think God does not like if you admire his creation? Do you think he might like you more if you admired him a lot for what he has done?

So I leave you today with this one question: What can you find today to admire about God’s creation which you haven’t admired before?

God bless.

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