Verse 3. Joy of life

My name is Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I was raised, and I have lived in Iceland. It’s a very spiritual country. You should see it.

Especially you should see Krísuvík; it’s a very blessed place. If you seek enlightenment you can go there and meditate, or just walk around the lake.

And if you find someone from The Faith, he can maybe tell you the story of Krísuvík.

God is all about equality of the sexes. He created them both. He created them both in his image. He doesn’t care if you are gay or straight. He doesn’t care if you are woman or man.

He cares about love.

He cares about the joy of life. The joy of being alive. The joy you feel inside, simply for the fact that you are alive, even if you have so much pain inside of you that it is ripping you apart. That you’d rather be painfully alive, than blissfully dead.

God loves life.

But do not forget that we are in a prison, and we are put in this prison with all the abilities we need to survive.

This why God doesn’t answer many of the prayers like “give me money”, “give me job”, “give me a car”, “give me a better place to live”, “find me a woman”.

You have all the skills and abilities you need to care take care of these yourself.

God is about spiritual values, and life is about you finding out how you can use spiritual values, for the benefit of yourself in this life, and how you can grow in love; creating a community of other living beings in happiness and joy of life.

Actually who you choose to sleep with, when you rest, is entirely up to you. It is nobody else’s business, but of course we’re speaking of grown-ups, and of our own kind.

God is not into sick pervertism. Someone who would like to have sex with animals is going outside his own kind.

Someone who abuses children sexually is doing violence, very bad and ugly violence. And he’s creating a violent offender later. If not physically then spiritually. This is something nobody should do, but many do.

Well – they will stay for longer in the prison. They will have worse karma. And if we can catch them we will lock them up.

The point being here should be obvious. But I am instructed to point it out.

There are universal laws: They are ingrained inside of us. We have them inside of us.

We know instinctively what is true and what is wrong. What is good and what is bad. What is kind and what is ugly. We know it.

I’ll prove it to you:

When someone smiles at you, you feel good inside and you are inclined to smile back. This is ingrained into our genes and into our spiritual beings.

If someone comes to you, someone you don’t know, stands beside you and reaches his arm around you and embraces you, like squeezing your shoulders while standing beside you: He’s standing too close, inside your comfort zone, inside your energy field, and you feel uncomfortable.

No-one told you about this being uncomfortable, its how you feel. And you know that the other one is doing either of two things. He’s trying to give you comfort, or he’s trying to show you who’s the boss.

I tell you: Dogs do exactly the same thing in a Pack. You did not need sacred scriptures or a spiritual leader to teach you this. You already know it.

It’s so simple: You know when you’re being loved, and you know when you love someone. No one had to teach you.

Do you really think that if God wanted to give you a message on how to be a kind and decent person that you would first have to learn how to read, then to read a book of one-thousand-five-hundred pages?

Well! Think about this for a while.

God bless.

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