Verse 2. One true Faith

I am Guy Ellis.  I am a prophet of God.

I reside in Iceland, a unique and special place on this planet.

It’s a kind of place nobody would want to live in, and therefore in this place, very spiritual beings have been living for a very long time.

There are very few of them and they make sure that everyone believes that it’s very bad to live there, and they like it when people like to visit to look at some of the things they like.

You never find a clearer sky than over Iceland, and its mountains have an aura not seen anywhere else in the world. We have the Blue Lagoon of course, but it’s just like a tourist attraction. It’s the whole Icelandic experience, which makes it very unique in the world, and there is a very special spiritual awareness in Iceland.

I want to talk to you about “the religions”. I want to explain to you, why I call them “The Faith”. There really is only one Faith.

If you belong to a pagan worship, or if you belong to a Christian sect, or if you belong to Taoism, or if you are Buddhist, or you could be a Hindu, or you could be a Muslim, or you could be a Christian, or you could be Jewish. Each one is just a branch of the tree.

God likes variety. This is why humans like variety.

Rest assured that on some of the branches, when they said “God created man in his image”; the intention was entirely spiritual.

Excuse my English, it is broken, but since only a few people speak Icelandic and millions speak English, God has instructed me to speak in English. I hope you can forgive me that my language isn’t eloquent like that of an Oxford student.

I hope the message is more than the messenger.

But what can I say?

It’s the will of God that I speak up – and I am more afraid of disobeying him, than if I please you. And this is The Faith:  Every human being on this planet is concerned regarding life and death.

Every human being on this planet has made an opinion, for himself; is there a life after death or not?

Does it matter if I do good or not?

Does it matter what I believe in or not?

Every human being alive today, and every human being who has ever lived, has made an opinion regarding this. This is the supreme attitude, or the supreme question, or the supreme of being: Being a spiritual person.

Anyone who has ever devised anything in his mind, and then proceeded to build it, has made a spiritual act of creation.

You envision something in your mind. It can be a picture. Then you sit down and you draw the picture. Or you go into your tool shed and you build a chair. Every single thing a human being makes is something he first has thought about and then proceeded to build. It is a spiritual act.

And it’s the single proof you need to understand, that there is so much more to life and the Universe than meets they eye.

We all know that we cannot see electricity yet we use it to cook our food and to light our homes in darkness. There are things we cannot see, yet are so powerful; if you touch electricity in the right way it can kill you instantly.

You don’t believe me? Go to the nearest power station and touch the cables. Cannot see the electricity in them, but it surely would kill you.

But this is The Faith: Everyone is concerned with life after death. Everyone is concerned with spiritual values.

Do I have to say or be truthful? Do I have to tell the truth every time? Can I sometimes make a white lie or not? Et cetera et cetera. We ask ourselves about the meaning of life. We ask ourselves about a lot of things.

Some people come to the conclusion there is no God. That there is nothing called “the spiritual realm”. There is nothing after death.

Fine. That is one branch of the tree. It is the belief of nothing. The belief that there is nothing. They cannot prove it, they cannot disprove it. They believe it.

Everyone believes something, and that is a branch of the Tree of the Religions. There is only one Tree of Faith, but it has many tree branches called religions.


You are created in God’s image: He can also feel anger, like you. He can be jealous like you. He can be short-sighted, and narrow minded, like you. He can be full of generous love, like you. He can be full of and act out in a kindness people do not deserve – undeserved kindness – like you.

This is precisely what it means, created in God’s image. We have all his good and bad qualities. The difference is that he controls his bad qualities. Many of us don’t.

This is The Faith.

God bless.

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