Verse 1. You cannot die

My name is Guy Ellis. I’m from Iceland. I am a prophet of God.

You cannot die. Your soul is eternal; it’s a chip of the old block.

But life on this planet isn’t all sweet. It is not a bed of roses, there are thorns underneath. There is no need for me to tell you this.

Thing is; this whole planet is a prison.

You have probably heard from other versions of The Faith that there could be heaven or hell after death. Well, children have a way of seeing things.

This planet: Life on this planet is the hell you have already been sent to.

Part of your soul suspects this and hopes for something better when you get out of the hell, and you fear getting into hell.

It’s really just a memory. It’s just a memory of when you first heard that you would be sent to this hell.

Re-incarnation is true. It’s a mechanism devised to make sure that your eternal soul stays put in the prison while you are transforming yourself. It has to do with the love of God of course.

Everything has to do with love.

Love and the joy of life; is what you are here to learn, so that you won’t be bad anymore.

Some people on this planet have very bad souls. Others are very close to getting out.

And it’s true: Everything is energy.

It’s true that some people are fighting some kind of negative circumstances – repeating negative circumstances – through their lives. Even if they do everything right. And it’s true; it’s called Karma.

Karma is also a fact. You are in a repeating pattern. Your soul is in a repeating pattern, until you’ve learnt what you are here to learn. Not unlike school.

Every year in a school you learn something new. But in this school, you cannot get out of first class, until you have finished it. You may have to do repeat it a few times.

Eventually, well most people, eventually move on to second class, and so on.

It’s very simple.

Thing is – you’re already in hell.

Thing is – you cannot die.

And God – is all about Love. The sooner you find that out. The sooner you realize it. The sooner you can get out of the prison.

And you can contribute to make the prison, the life in our earthly prison, bearable for others. If you do that, you get benefits.

God bless.


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