Preface to God’s Will

This is the new message from God to mankind. It was revealed to the prophet in May 2012.

It was in the summer of 2010 that Guy Ellis asked God in prayer “what do you want from me? Why have you directed me from tribulation to tribulation for almost forty years? Why have you directed me from teaching to teaching? Why have you helped me to learn all the things I’ve learned? And many I did not even want to learn! Why?”

There was no mistaking the inspiration he received in that instant:

“You are my prophet. You shall tell people what you’ve learnt, and what you understand!” Guy Ellis refused.

He did not feel worthy of such a task. He did not feel he had the right words to speak, the right manner to present what he had learnt. He furthermore felt that many other seekers had far more understanding, insight, and wisdom, to give.

By May 2012 this same prayer had been presented a couple of times again, and each time the same answer. Almost two years had passed. Guy Ellis’s life became burdened with more tribulations. The life struggle slowly became unbearable and feeding the home almost impossible.

At that moment Guy Ellis realized that God’s will must be done. He opened up to God and received the divine inspirations in the course of three days from morning to night.

He put the verses on the Web immediately and left them there. “They are God’s” he said to himself, “he’ll know what to do with them”. Guy Ellis can be a very obstinate prophet.

Every day for the next five months he studied different parts of the revelations in order to find errors, to check if they were authentic. He needed to be sure if there was anything he couldn’t vouch for.

He realized to his surprise that some revelations opened even his own experienced spirit to new insights. He also realized how they have the power to transform your heart and re-shape your soul if you let them. At the same time he was afraid of his community’s reaction to his statements. Iceland is a very small community.

Eventually at the end of a  five months journey his courage to keep the verses online failed him and he removed them.

That same month the tribulations began again. His income failed totally. His landlord prepared to evict him. The bank turned its attention to him. Also God sent someone to speak with him online, someone who had the ability to re-inspire his faith and his courage.

Consequently you have “God’s Will” online. You can listen to the original verses as they were recorded. You can read the refined text as it has been transcribed by the prophet himself. But in december 2012 – the month when the Mayan calendar completed a certain circle – the original inspiration was transcripted, refined and re-recorded.

In total there are 59 verses or chapters. There are many concepts introduced and many insights explained. What is hinted at between the lines, is that the time of God’s realm has already arrived a few decades ago.

As God’s greatest prophet once said “it arrives as a thief in the night” and as he explained further “I will return in the manner I left”. As should be obvious; you won’t see it coming and you won’t see that he has come, but you can realize it. You can receive it, and you can transform yourself to unite with him in “the now” and you will see that it will transform the world.

The full text of “God’s Will” can be purchased in PDF format at The audio is at and the original is at for comparison..





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