The seven deadly sins

A prominent religious dogma has used the seven deadly sins for centuries to control people. All these seven sins are of course grave things by themselves, but they are not sins.

As God revealed to me and is recorded in “God’s Will” there is only one sin. That sin can even be forgiven to you. This might contradict some of the ideas you’ve been taught.

Especially it might contradict the idea that you cannot be without sin. An idea which can enslave your soul if you are not careful.

The only sin available to you is “not connecting to your soul, your inner self or spirit”. It is not unrelated to what the great prophet Jesus, the son of God, said when he claimed that “all sins will be forgiven you except sinning against holy spirit”.

One of the best ways to comprehend this can be through nature-meditation which is one of the oldest and most effective of all meditation techniques. It is also the only one you can use safely without a guide.

Nature-meditation is also deceptively simple.

It is best done either in late afternoon an hour before dusk or early morning about an hour before civilization gets up. You simple take a walk for a few minutes until you find a quiet spot for contemplation where you sit down for a while and enjoy the eternal moment.

In that moment envision your spirit as the soul who came into the world without a name and imagine that it is you, grown up, and still without a word. That’s where you can easily connect yourself to it and experience through it a connection to God, or his holy spirit which is in everything.





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