Using more of your mind

I have often heard people say something like “humans only use about 10% of their minds” and often it’s hinted that we might be able to use more of it. I don’t really agree, yet I find the question fascinating.

Can we use more of our minds? Was the great prophet Jesus able to use more of his mind than we do? If he did, what was his secret?

If you have read any of my other work you can probably guess at my answer, his secret was God. But nothing is really that simple is it? Still it is to me. For it is obvious to any observes current times, that God is a taboo to our modern times. It is fundamental to the work of all Prophets of God to reawaken the perception of God to our peers.

I use this word, Perception, deliberately as God cannot be understood through preconceived ideas, no matter where they come from or how they are formed. Almost all prophets in history who have boldly preached or written inspirations from God have challenged in one way or another the way their peers see and perceive God, and usually worked hard to jolt or jumpstart peoples perceptions in order to inspire each individual to open up to God on a deeply personal level and through that personal perception understand and connect with God on his own and for his own personal benefit.

Recently I realized that yes, we can increase our mindpowers, we can use more of our brains, but first we have to understand what the other 90% is. Do not forget that a large portion of our mindpower is usecd for processing sound and vision into cohesion with our limited scope of perception. But there is still a substantial part unaccounted for.

The main 10% of your mind, which you use on a day to day basis is possessed by your Ego. It is only when you realize that your Ego is an illusion of your computing processes and when you realize that behind that is your soul, that you begin to understand what is hinted at here.

When you connect your Ego to your soul, through eliminating “your only sin”, you will realize that a large part of your mind doesn’t really belong to you, but to the force of life you belong to. When you connect your soul and you open up to God, you give in, you let go of control and you connect the rest of your mind or the brain to everything there is and to the greater mind of the universe.

When this mystical secret of the ancient traditions seeds to your comprehension, and you connect you will realize that “prophet of God” really means, and you will realize why our work is so important. The work of inspirition with God. For therein lies the positive creativity of the Universe.





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