Open creativity in secret

We are so used to our reality that from day to day we forget what reality is. We consider houses, cars and objects to be reality, and we are right. We also consider nature around us, and the planet to be reality and again we are right.

Any object we can touch and measure has to be real. Objectively this seems irrefutable, but it isn’t true.

Whatever we see, hear or touch, isn’t there unless we consider it. Even if we measure it or quantify it in some way it isn’t there unless we realize it or consider it in our mind. Therefore even if it is irrefutably there it isn’t real unless it is real to us.

Probably you find this to be a silly statement, and you are right to think so. But if you think about an object, let us consider your shoes, they aren’t yours unless you believe it.

Nature doesn’t believe that your shoes belong to you or that you own anything. You don’t even own your own body or person come to think of it. Everything about you belongs to what made you. Whatever created you, be it nature, God, your parents or something else, you belong to it.

On the other hand Nature believes in power. You own whatever you can hold on to and keep from the grasp of others. Even your own ideas, and this is the core. Your ideas about reality, and your ideas about how to define reality, are your reality.

There is nothing right and nothing wrong, unless you define it and you cannot define it unless you have the power to guard the definition. In this light we can see that everything in human society is defined as reality in the minds of people. Generally we consider many things, or ideas, to be real without doubting them.

Therefore it often seems silly if someone objects to this view. Our common reality is defined by ideas we take for granted and are often to complex to re-define on a day to day basis. If we were to re-define basic ideas every time we use them we’d soon go mad.

Still we must go mad to become sane sometimes. We must be able to understand and comprehend that we are at the core, and fundamentally, spiritual beings. We must be aware that all our ideas about society, about our faith, about our family and literally anything in our daily lifes are only real according to how we see them or comprehend.

We must be able to see that the inner reality is the real one for it is according to the inner reality that we define the outer. This can be proven quite easily.

When a friend of yours says or writes an eloquent and fluent sentence full of meaningful context you admire the thought and the words that phrase the thought. Immediately another thought comes to your mind: Who is the author?

You want to know who the author is, and you suspect your common aquaintance or friend to have seen it somewhere. You don’t suspect someone who is on level with you to have constructed a brilliant thought and phrased it so eloquently. Again if you speak out about this to the author of the sentence the author becomes slightly hurt.

Also when you quote an eloquent and perfect sentence or thought you will usually quote who the author is, for due is due. Again this is becaus you don’t steal thoughts and we generally don’t respect those who do. In essence it is considered rather low to build upon the work of another mind as your own. For our reality is in the mind, or a spiritual one. That’s our real reality.

I come upon this often, for I write a lot and sometimes create beautiful ideas by accident. My friends and acquaintances don’t expect eloquence from me, but terse and difficult ideas and therefore when they read eloquent lines from me they expect them to be taken from somewhere, and if they use them they copy them withour reference.

Not that I mind this, for if an idea is worth spreading them I’m more interested that it spreads and does good work than who wrote it.

Again this is normal in light of the argument. It is the reason why, I make a habit of quoting authors of sentences and ideas which I re-use. When I see acquaintances copy my originals without reference I let them sometimes know of it. Not because of hurt feelings but out of respect for them. For I know that nobody likes to use sentences without due. I also want them to realize that there are many who are aware of this and I want people to be aware that the common man is also a thinker.

On a day to day basis, people tend to forget that reality is inner and not outer. For not many talks about this “obvious fact”; that we are more sensitive to our creativity than objectivity and we should be more aware of this. For this awareness turns on the inner lights.

For once we learn to respect creativity openly, and expect it everywhere, as we already do secretly, we will appreciate it better when original minds speak about strange ideas which are ahead of their own time. That way we will be quicker in transformin our world into a nice one.





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