The whore of Babylon

When I first studied The Bible concept of “The Whore of Babylon”, it disturbed me a bit. I was taught that this concept referred to all the religions and the logic which was used to explain it made sense, but something didn’t add up.

The classic explanation of this concept is like this: The religions of the world play a dangerous game with the devil, deceiving people and themselves, believing they can tame the beast.

As the Old Testament – The Torah – of the hebrew faith explains, and the New Testement of the Christian faith, both explain; The power of world leaders and the heart of all religions, belong to the power of God’s adversary which is named Satan or more commonly “The devil”. This is more or less the biblical explanation.

I’m not sure what The holy Quran says about this concept and will update this post when I’ve finished reading this magnificent scripture.

There exist hundreds of articles and many books about this subject. It is easy to see it from the context of the scriptures and it makes sense. I’m not about to turn this explanation over, for there’s no point. Please keep in mind that most symbolism in holy texts can have manifold meanings. It is not uncommon that some meanings become clear to people when the time is right, and once it is made clear you are amazed that you haven’t noticed it earlier.

Recently I realized that the new layer of understanding has a twist: All those who have any power, be it economical, spiritual, or political, are riding the beast of public opinion. That’s the beast.

The hint is given by the number “666”, which is not a numberical number but a numerological. The number six in Biblical context means “human fallibility” or imperfection. When the number is threefold it means a kind of infinity.

Therefore the beast can be identified by infinite human fallibility or imperfection; shallow superficiality. For everyone knows that public opinion is a beast that can turn around at any moment and bite off those riding its back.

Here’s the beauty of it: When the great time of transformation – which I believe to be upon us – arrives; The beast will turn around and bite off its back the whores who ride on public opinion and abuse the power the public entrusts them with.

That’s how the great global tide of transformation will be apparent and spiritually the multitude of nations whill gather at God’s temple; in heart and spirit regardless of correct ideas about correct texts. I promise to explain this further at a later time.

I recommend in this respect, Verse 31, of God’s Will, about the Warrior.





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