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The audio process


I have begun recording “The process of positive willpower” into a short and free online talks. This is taking place in january through february 2014. The original work, inspiring this task, was made a year ago in Icelandic. This article is simply a memo, I will update it when the recordings are done. These recordings are located online at media.not.is. Enjoy  

Open creativity in secret


We are so used to our reality that from day to day we forget what reality is. We consider houses, cars and objects to be reality, and we are right. We also consider nature around us, and the planet to be reality and again we are right. Any object we can touch and measure has to be real. Objectively this seems irrefutable, but it isn’t true. Whatever … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


A simple process for dynamic living. Everything you do, every choice you make and every attitude is a process of thought. When you feel down, it’s an emotional process, when you solve situations is a mixture of emotional and intellectual process. You are not your current state of mind. You are in a state of mind and that state is formed by your attitudes, your choices. To … Continue reading

True values


Values? We all know the word, and we all hold its meaning dear to us. Not one of us knows what it means. It holds different meanings for us all. For me it means Ingenuity, Dependability, Authenticity, Durability, Respectability, Positivity, Kindness. Well – all the good stuff. But each of the subvalues can be further defined, for example Positivity. When the German army decided to fix the … Continue reading