Spiritual space travel – (timeline’s or timehelix’s of UR and Egypt)

I have long been of the opinion that our civilization, which is between six and seven thousand years old can be generalized as the Egyptian era.

The manuscript of my book Logostal* attempts to explain this logically and spiritually, using the Bible as the cornerstone of my reasoning. As of now it is still in Icelandic but I promise to make an English version as soon as I can.

The classification – Egyptian era – has to do with certain philosophical view used to govern and guide the masses. How to make sure that “the system of the world” has its course to follow.

The interesting point here is that I have long been of the opinion that before the Egyptian era was another era. I have chosen to name it Ur – in my own research – and I believe that others might recognize the choice in name. Others might be more comfortable with names such as Atlantis or other mystical references, i.e. the lost continent of MU.

Let’s make a long story short. I am convinced that this older era had different approach to technology and spirituality than we have today. It is quite possible that they had begun or started out in similar ways to our own, but I know not much as of now about them or their ways.

Suffice it to say that there are myriads of mystical references, stories and religious explanations, referring to a lost civilization which disappeared in a great cataclysm and there is a reason why our own worldwide culture expects another one.

I find it interesting that there is a worldwide awakening these days in deeper spirituality, and I have explained elsewhere that this has been prophesized and that there are spiritual beings influencing the great shift or the birth of transformation. At the same time I see that there are many articles and books available and hundreds of well made videos on Youtube, explaining believable theories regarding the great pyramids being energy devices of sorts.

I also find it interesting that we are discovering pyramids all around the world; Bermuda, Azores, Japan, and perhaps elsewhere, submerged. If the sea level of today would decrease for about 100 meters (350 ft) we’d begin to see these giant structures and cities which all seem to be around 10.000 years old.

Here’s the catch

I was into these kinds of theories, discoveries and Conspiracy theories, more than twenty years ago. I was also into Erich Von Dänikens books, and all sorts of stuff. Later I lost interests in these matters as my progress became more spiritual and my education grew in that direction.

Last year, when I was working on a transcript of “God’s Will” and beginning some preparation into “Democratic dominion” (is: Þjóðveldi) I got some interesting insight into these prehistoric matters:

If our civilization would end in a cataclysm within the next fifty years, would any of our history be evident in six thousand years? Would our plastics, metals and cement withstand time?

Consequently I realized that it was quite possible that in the 200.000 years of humanity there had been another worldwide cultured and possibly a technological civilization. Even possibly so advanced as to fly to the moon; but we wouldn’t know of that today. Later I realized that the great pyramids of Egypt might be older than we believe today, or that the Egyptian culture was simply mimicking some of their mystical views?

As we don’t really know the correct answers to ideas like these, and we should strive to answer them correctly and not to our liking, then another question arises: Do we need to find a certain spiritual awareness – as a mass of people – in order to be safe from cataclysms?

Is it possible that there are civilizations in our galaxy, not only watching us but waiting for us to dance with them among the suns? Prepared to stop us in our tracks if we go off course? For it is possible in my opinion to let spiritual darkness grow in such a way to be dangerous to other civilizations in the galaxy.

Don’t forget that in the Bible there is a story which tells us that before the flood the world population spoke in the same language(s) and in order for them not to get where they had been going before that confusing their languages – or ways of understanding each other – was in order.

Interesting enough, speaking of the Bible, it also mentions the time of the giants, something science and current Egyptian era doesn’t want us to believe in. Yet there are skeletons!

In connecting these dots, I’m tempted to reminisce that one of our astronauts said something like “to look back at the earth from space is a deeply spiritual experience” … “and transforms your entire look upon life” … “making anger and war almost unimaginable”.

My point is this: We have nothing to fear from Aliens. Because space faring civilizations realize that in order to discover and harness the technology and ability to traverse the long distances of light years in relatively short time, you must become a spiritual being first. I am sure that they’d prefer a positive – and pro-life – version of a spiritual civilization to harmonize with.

Yes, I do believe that it is possible to be a hostile – pro death – spiritual being and that the Ur civilization was probably like that. I have seen videos from other people who have explored the ancient ruins, which give probable cause to suspect that they were destroyed and that the cataclysm which destroyed them wasn’t a natural phenomena but an induced one.

Therefore I suspect that both spiritual beings (angels, gods, demons, spirits) and material extraterrestrial beings (aliens) are already very exited to see if we make the transformation, because without one we won’t be allowed out there. I also believe that there is a reason why space travel was more or less halted four decades ago and why it is slowly beginning to wind back up again.

We are transforming already, but we must become more than a ripple on the pond. If we want to explore space and live on. One youtube link might be of interest in relation to this post.


* Logostal is a translation of the Icelandic title “Orðatal”, as the book is authored in Icelandic and awaits translation.





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