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Convergence of the nine realms


I’m awake now! But awake to what? What perception illuminates you today, might hypnotize you tomorrow. Remember that the devil is a Being of light, which has power over all seven realms, and can possibly traverse the remaining two. Yes there are nine realms of vibration or awareness. If that being could hypnotize and lead the angels, which know more than you and I know combined, and … Continue reading

Gazing at smokescreens of world orders


Many believe that Bush senior came up with the concept of “World government” when he coined the phrase “new world order” but it wasn’t his. Woodrow Wilson was the first real contender to point into the direction of a World government after the First World War, when he facilitated the formation of “The Leage of Nations”, an experiment which failed within 20 years. Theodore Roosevelt had greater … Continue reading

Spiritual space travel – (timeline’s or timehelix’s of UR and Egypt)


I have long been of the opinion that our civilization, which is between six and seven thousand years old can be generalized as the Egyptian era. The manuscript of my book Logostal* attempts to explain this logically and spiritually, using the Bible as the cornerstone of my reasoning. As of now it is still in Icelandic but I promise to make an English version as soon as … Continue reading