Conditioned education

When we look around us we see a world in confusion. The confusion doesn’t exist in the third world in general, but mostly in the westernized societies. The same societies which believe themselves to be civilized.

By confusion I generally reflect on one issue. Most people have at least ten years of education in their minds and most people feel that they possess knowledge, but emotionally and spiritually most people seem lost.

Of course there are exceptions to this rule, or to my impression of the state of awareness in the world. There are many who have studied psychology, different sciences and explored spiritual disciplines of various kind.

Particularly the last group, but in general all of them, would be quick to say that people aren’t lost. Actually no thinking person would admit to being lost.

When you have spent a lifetime studying different topics, exploring said topics to certain depths and have begun connecting dots, which is a pesudoscience and has more to do with personal perception than with disciplined science, you begin to see rigid mindsets.

Intelligence in general has to do with the ability to acquire knowledge, apply the knowledge – or teach and write about it – and in particular to review the knowledge. Great intelligence is when this training evolves into the ability to come up with something new.

In a sense Professor Noam Chomsky explains this in many of his books and lectures. How the current times which rules our mindset is in many ways confused. I put here one of his lectures and I ask my reader to pay attention to two points he touches upon.

The first is that education in our current culture might have been designed in such a way as to condition us to support a certain way of thinking and molding society. The second is that the inability of people to go into boring subjects might have been conditioned in particular.

If a child is introduced to subjects like The Periodic table of the elements to early in life, they develop a certain disinterest in the subject. Another point, which Chomsky doesn’t touch upon, is that if a child is conditioned in such a way that it doesn’t believe in itself or in its culture, it will become the chained elephant.

Elephants can generally break their chains, But elephant calves are put in strong chains very early, too tough to be broken. When the elephant grows up, it believes that it cannot break the chain.

Democracy is not a civil right you are born with. It was acquired by generations gone before you. If you don’t believe that you have a say in it, and if you don’t believe in your ability to affect it, much less if you’re interested; there will be no progressive or creative development.




For anyone living a life on the planet today, or in any time, there is no way around it that democracy and the development of your society concerns you greatly. However if you won’t do anything about it – and I mean peacefully – then you let someone else do something about it. You might not like what he, she, or they, do.





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