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Islam a religion of Peace or War


I read somewhere that The U.N. is suggesting to put a ban on criticism of religions. Particularly this direction, if true, suggests a response to Muslim’s growing sensitivity for criticism on their religion. Personally I’m not buying into it, though melodramatic over-sensitivity seems to be ever growing in all corners of the globe. From my experience, from discussing religious matters with Muslims, it seems that Mainstream Media … Continue reading

The Evil of Adolf Hitler in his own words

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The following text is a translation of a speech Adolf Hitler gave to to German workers on December 10, 1940. By this time the WW2 had been raging for more than a year, English bombers had made ten illegal bombing raids on Civilan parts of Berlin, which resulted in German retaliation for a few weeks, often referred to as “The Blitz”. At the bottom of this page is … Continue reading

The ticking time bomb of nine past eleven


I remember clearly where I was on 911. In Iceland it was around lunch time and I had dropped by at a friend’s place to discuss a personal matter. His girlfriend rang him and said “turn on the news.” We did and then watched, dumbfounded. Do you remember where you were on that morning, who you were with and what you were doing? Do you remember the … Continue reading

Follow the drug money


There’s a lot to be said about drugs. I used to get a lung infection called bronchitis a couple of times every year for a few years. Doctors gave me prescriptions and told me that I would never get free from this. I was explained that because I’d had pneumonia as an infant and because I smoked that I’d always be vulnerable to the infection. I was … Continue reading

Did we fly to the moon?

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Conspiracy theories are always important and popular. Most people consider them to be funny stories by lunatics. Others feel thay offer an important view of the times. Do we ask ourselves why conspiracy is so interesting? We might learn something about ourselves if we found find the answer to this question. Could it be that we expect most people to lie often or do we expect truth? … Continue reading

Powerful mindset


It is already suspected that in the Universe is a dark matter, sometimes called antimatter. It is sometimes estimated to be 23% of the mass of the universe, sometimes 46%. Thousands of scientists are working on this mysterious matter – or energy – every day. There are abundance of hints about this phenomen all through history of human kind. Some of those hints suggest that the culture … Continue reading

The art of time


When you develop the creative side of you there will be a few things about yourself which you’ll discover. First is that you cannot create anything new unless you have some material to work with. First is expression; be it tone, color and form, movement, speech or writing. Expression is training, exercise, training, failing, mistaking, failing, stumbling upon the right medium and slowly carving and shaping your … Continue reading

Conditioned education


When we look around us we see a world in confusion. The confusion doesn’t exist in the third world in general, but mostly in the westernized societies. The same societies which believe themselves to be civilized. By confusion I generally reflect on one issue. Most people have at least ten years of education in their minds and most people feel that they possess knowledge, but emotionally and … Continue reading

The whore of Babylon


When I first studied The Bible concept of “The Whore of Babylon”, it disturbed me a bit. I was taught that this concept referred to all the religions and the logic which was used to explain it made sense, but something didn’t add up. The classic explanation of this concept is like this: The religions of the world play a dangerous game with the devil, deceiving people … Continue reading