Your path, your destiny

When you look back on your life, particularly when you approach the term “middle age” and onwards, you will begin to see a pattern, and the pattern will make sense to you.

You won’t like some of the lamp posts that were on the path and you won’t like some of the turns you took. You will dislike absolutely some of the people you have met, but you will like how all of this has made you what you are now.

You will find out when observing your life pattern, that there is a version of You without a name and without a definite shape. You might even feel  that it is more You than the Ego bearing your name.

An ego has ideas, memories, opinions, emotions, fears and expectations. It is a turmoil of inner conflicts and resolutions.

An ego can be compared to a tool on your body. Just like when cooking for dinner you’ll find tools and materials for cooking on your tabletop. In the same way your Ego is a sum of the sentient thinking processes in your mind and of little more value than a hand or a foot.

Of course you can live without a hand or a foot, but you cannot live without an ego.

Does this mean that you have no use for your ego? Does this mean that you should whither away from its pains? Does it mean that the answers to intellectual, material and spiritual questions matter?

That’s where all our troubles are born when we head onto a spiritual quest. Because we cannot survive without a thinking ability, we cannot really push our ego away or abolish it. But what we can do is to give it no value.

Your ego is as important a vehicle through life as your body is, but remember: When you’re done with the body you’re also done with the ego. The ego is just as important as a modern software in a computer.

Does the software in your computer feel alive? It certainly can think. But does it believe you’re there when you’re typing or does it believe that it is typing on its own?

All the turmoil on your path is important: for it is taking part in shaping your Soul, chiseling and molding it to precision, according to the destiny you chose before you were born.




When I first discovered Kitaro’s music, it was by chance and it has often given me comfort. There is so much in your path which gives you comfort if you’ll see it in the right way.

It is easy to see that your destiny cannot be different, for you chose it yourself before you were born. You had agreement with your guardian angel, to make sure that your destiny would unfold as closely as possible to its intention, in spite of your follies and in spite of other people’s sillyness.





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