Jungean or spiritual projection

The first time I  heard the song I was in love with someone I used to know. I was listening to a record I had borrowed somewhere. And something clicked.

At first I didn’t think about it. Then came a time I wasn’t in love anymore and didn’t listen to the song while the memory was fading. For every time I heard the song, the awareness of missing a “particular someone” surfaced.

Through the years I’ve been in love from time to time, and every time I wasn’t with a particular loved one, this song was just perfect.

“So you think you can tell, heaven from hell, blue skies from pale … do you think you can tell. … Your heroes were ghosts”

Today I’ve abstained from relationships for about four years and during that time I’ve heard this song from time to time. Every time I’ve heard it it strikes the same chord – I miss someone or something spectacular, something which fits. And yet I don’t miss anyone!




So what’s the chord and how can a tune – or a certain harmony – click with something within you which is real but you don’t see it because you project it on someone else? Have you observed your life? Have you observed how things – or experiences, or subjects, or conversations or other influences – can hit you dead in the center but you don’t get their impacts because you connect it with something else which has your attention on other levels?

I will not explain projection – you probably know what it is.

Suffice to say that the essence is similar to this; Someone says something to you and you get angry with that someone, but on subconscious level you’re simply remembering an anger towards someone else from a forgotten or suppressed past; Projecting a subconscious something onto something else.

It is a phenomen which Carl Gustav Jung first described in a way to be easily understood. I understood it myself when I was shown it in a past relationship, by someone who was keenly aware of this phenomen, and the power of understanding it.

But let us not stray from the tune presented. I believe now, since it can wake up within me this deep feeling of missing someone or something from my life or awareness, that either the harmony of the tune itself is simply very powerful, or that there is something to be missed. But what would it be?

Hardly it is the Guardian Angel, for that powerful entity is usually around or not out of call. Hardly it can be my Soul for though my ego can be unconnected to it there still would not be much to miss since it is always around. Hardly it can be God, for we’re partly made out of God, for what did God use when creating the first light in the Universe?

What is it that can be missed so profoundly that when you don’t miss someone, or something, that a simple and short song can invoke the loss? A dream?





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