Constipating on fresh ideas

One thing I’ve always liked about gayism* is that it means everyone. What can be harder for a person than coming out of a closet? A boy who falls in love with boys, or a girl who falls in love with girls.

Much less other gender issues, as we know that approximately 15% of people – 3 out of every 20 – fall into these categories. Perhaps more, but who’s counting?

I was young when I realized that I had friends who were gay and I forced myself to confront the issue. The best way was through conversations with them. But I also made an imaginary game: I imagined that I was raised in a gay community and had to come out of the closet as a straight person.

It sometimes helps us to understand other people by playing games with our own imagination. This is why I’ve never been interested in gadgets and properties, as to fresh and original ideas.

Here’s what I’m getting at. When society begins to accept the abnormal as at least possibly normal, then perhaps it might begin to accept also people who live in the world of abstract and sometimes absurd ideas: and begin to embrace spiritual freedom and creativity?

Anyway I believe that the following video clip from a TEDx talk says more than enough. But as usual I like to comment on things. I particularly liked her following points; “not comparing who has it harder, it’s just hard” and “when you’re keeping yourself a secret, you’re essentially holding a hand grenade”.

Because people in general are so hell bent on playing their parts on the stage of society.

Even some friends who are openly gay do this, to take their parts so seriously, criticizing other peoples absurdity. Denying their Souls to dance freely and see their Egos being tools, like the limbs of your body are no less tools than your mind. But your soul is a spiritual entity glimpsing material existence through the porthole of your physical entity.






* The word gayism, was coned for fun and means no disrespect. Please accept my apologies.





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