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Static culture of intellectual decay


It’s very easy to debate applications of ideas where most people agree to the idea as valid in itself but not as to how to apply it or if not at all. This is where most people get stuck. It’s similar to the question I often pose; Do you believe in god or about god? Using small ‘g’ denotes the god entity as a ruling idea and … Continue reading

Remove the value of every concept, but not the meaning


You can take your New Information and shove it. I want to reinvestigate Old Information and then ostracize those who used it to lie to me. The word investigate means; find out what was hidden from sight. Then we can talk about something new. Do not for a minute believe that since 1955 the wars have something to do with landgains or resources. Not one of them … Continue reading

A spiral of diverse perceptions


You hear much talk about consciousness, different kinds, expanding or higher or different or shifting and so forth. What you don’t hear so much that it’s all egotistical and none of it soulful. For there is only one human consciousness and it’s only a realm within a consciousness where everything that lives has a share. Ego tries to define subjects and label them but soul doesn’t need … Continue reading

Sexy side to spiritual journey


There are many in the world, and in fact through history, that believe or feel that sex has no business with spirituality. Many religious institutions have influenced this attitude, amongst the most influential being the Christian churches. Rigid Christianity is not the only area where this has been practiced. Observe for example the Buddhist monks and nuns, or the denouncing of carnal pleasures by many Hindu’s. Many … Continue reading

Impressed by young minds


Before 2008 I had no interest in politics, none whatsoever. As I have explained recently I felt that representative democracy was idotic, shallow and a waste of time. I have since then changed my mind. Representative democracy is still idiotic but only a waste of time until real democracy rises. Until then I’m really glad for the mostly free speech and open internet. Mind you, there are … Continue reading

Constipating on fresh ideas


One thing I’ve always liked about gayism* is that it means everyone. What can be harder for a person than coming out of a closet? A boy who falls in love with boys, or a girl who falls in love with girls. Much less other gender issues, as we know that approximately 15% of people – 3 out of every 20 – fall into these categories. Perhaps … Continue reading

Super Califragilistic Expialidocious


In one of my recent posts I mention racism; one of the ugliest notions in the collective of the human psyche. I have always felt distaste for racism in any form, not only because of the evil nature of it but also for how idiotic it is. No intelligent person can in his or her right mind be a racist. Yet I could name you some very … Continue reading