Respecting the beast

For the past year and a half I’ve become more and more fascinated by  the power we have, and don’t use. We basically have amazing luxuries and human rights compared to our grandparents time, and we are lost in meaning.

We are well educated modern people, living in an industrial economy, we have freedom of speech, we have great health care system. We have also social systems in most countries to take care of those who don’t fit into the industrial design.

Yet we are egotistical consumers who feel that we are perfect in almost every way, yet we know that we’re not, and all the world is a merry go round to our small dramatic egos. Still lost in meaning and purpose and woe to anywone who tries to give us either.

The power we have can be divided into three basic arenas.

The purse is very powerful, because every time we spend money from it we transfer power from us to those who receive the money. Our selfeducation is another power because it helps us to choose for ourselves where our attention, our emotions, and our thoughts are focused and that influences our choices. Third arena of our personal – or communal – power is our choice of action, for by exerting it we choose who benefits from our action – or inaction – and particularly from our proaction when used.

Is this difficult to understand or comprehend?

I hope it is difficult to grasp the power triton that you are. For if it is so then there is still hope for humanity. Third of mankind belongs to the well educated world of the consumers industry, yet no-one seems to grasp the simplicity of the reality we live in. Rarely do we see proactive and positive people using their power to transform and transcend our socity into a future of meaning.




I am first and last a spiritual nerd. I am fascinated by learning things outside the idioticy of modern politics: I like philosophy, theology, psychology, spirituality, writing and reading and also a bit of bullshitting. By bullshitting I mean what the Good soldier Sveijk meant when when he referred to philosophical discussions – or debates.

In the course of my own personal development – when I was devising The process of positive willpower – I began to realize that we the spiritually inclined need to wake up to state of affairs in the world.

Not that we should go into politics or into the complicated reality of the economy, but rather to wake up to how our powerful instincts and grasp for complicated realites matter when touching on the superficial reality of our modern times.

This means that we need to pay attention, not only locally but also globally. We need to understand how shadow players of the economy and psychopaths of politics are playing deadly games with peoples lives and very very evil and dangerous games using nations as pawns.




Things move so fast when in our daily lives. We work long hours in a fast moving industry. We are tired from overdose of electricity* at work and at home. We are confused by overdose of radio and TV, or lots of drama in our own community.

When we turn to news they are fleeting, often rather superficial and one event often seems unconnected from another on a grander scale. If one has a desire to know more, there is simply no time to get into depths and much less to connect the dots.

When I grew up and realized that the state of the world, locally as much as globally, was just as much my business as a presidents or a bankers, I began to look around. I began using the Internet to check out what people in politics and on other venues are talking about and what they are pointing out.

I began to see that massmedia doesn’t help me to connect dots. In fact if I wish to see what massmedia is diverting my attention from I need also to skim alternative media and social media. This is work, but I realized something else. Because I had switched off my TV and the massmedia stream into my house, I had ample time to create a system to selfeducate.

And slowly – God I hope – pointed me into a direction I fell in love with.

I have already explained it fully in Icelandic on – hopefully I will be able to bring you in on it over here. For what I wrote about in Icelandic was based on an amazing angle which I discovered by pure chance and I’ve spent a year and a half exploring it, researching it and testing it, to a point where it is evident to me that it matters to everyone.

I mentioned before that politicians are  generally psychopaths, in my opinion. This is a generalisation of the class, not the individuals. I spend a lot of time researching the discussions, informations and debates around the world and there are many voices I respect deeply.

On this post I place two of my favorite voices from Britain, two men who are worthy fighters for transparency, decency and democracy yet from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Above all: Stay tuned, self educate and connect the dots. Most of all ask yourself what is the simple and powerful – and obvious – but peacefully creative – solution?


* The great pioneer of depth psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, built a retreat for himself, named Bollingen. There he spent as much of his free time as he could, sometimes weeks. The house had no electricity, for a reason.






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