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Organized guerrilla armies and the great Jihad


In the weeks before Nato’s invasion of Iraq something happened in Iraq noone has told you about. Saddam knew that his army had no hope of withstanding the invasion but it wasn’t in his nature to give up too easily. You’ve been told that after Baghdad fell he hid himself like a squirrel in a hole in the ground; but you’re not told why he believed that … Continue reading

Condemning other people’s faith condemns the judge


There is much discussion in the world, secular and non-secular, saying that The Koran – or Qu’ran – condemns Jews and Christians. Some of the people who claim this even claim to have studied Islam to an extent. I for one know for a fact that no true prophet of The One God would dare to condemn other prophets, other scriptures or other faiths. A prophet is … Continue reading

The sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games


There are at least five satellites in orbit and only two of them belong to the same country, each containing between three and nine nuclear warheads of miniscule Hydrogen Bombs. If a bomb of this type is detonated five hundred kilometers above your city, only the city center would burn, but all electrical equipment for the radius of 2.000 kilometers would be rendered totaly useless and dead because … Continue reading

Treat me like a Black Homosexual Woman in Sub-Sahara


I once heard the statement that a man cannot know what it feels like to be a black man in the Industrial countries, particularly in the North American Empire. Did you notice that I forgot to say “white man?” Reflectively when I look into a mirror I see a white man and my experiences are such. It is the same regarding Gender Equality; how can I understand … Continue reading

The Shadow of the Charlie Hebdo deception


There are many controversies regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre which I won’t get into in this article. I’ve explained my suspicions in two earlier articles on this site already. I also have detailed my suspicions on my Icelandic site (hreinberg.is) and perhaps will copy and translate that piece onto this one for consistency, as it cuts to the chase. That being said, I am convinced that the … Continue reading

Reflecting on Jiddu Krishnamurti


I usually don’t like gurus, for so many of them simply quote what they have learnt from books, rehearsed and practiced until they sound perfect. But K – as he liked to be called – isn’t like them. He does what I do, but far better than I, to connect with infinity and let it speak. Another aspect I like about him, is that he doesn’t care … Continue reading

How to boycott our home and harm Gaia


James Lovelock was the first scientist to notice that our culture was beginning to change the atmosphere. He has been a respected scientist and inventor for over sixty years. When he put together the Gaia Hypothesis he had been working with Nasa in a group with other scientists, among them being the world famous Carl Sagan. Nasa had assembled this group to study how likely it would … Continue reading

Did we fly to the moon?

Screenshot 2014-07-19 15.15.39

Conspiracy theories are always important and popular. Most people consider them to be funny stories by lunatics. Others feel thay offer an important view of the times. Do we ask ourselves why conspiracy is so interesting? We might learn something about ourselves if we found find the answer to this question. Could it be that we expect most people to lie often or do we expect truth? … Continue reading

Road to democracy II


We have been taught that in the free city state of Athens, in ancient Greece, the first Democracy was born. A few years later, in ancient Rome, similar idea got hold and was formed. It wasn’t democracy; it was a refinement of the representative leadership. In these two powerful cities the ruling classes of merchants and wealthy landowners discovered new ways of thinking as always happens in … Continue reading

Road to democracy I


Humanity has developed only three systems of governing themselves as a group. These systems are Dictatorship, Democracy and “Representative leadership.” Sometimes two of them have been confused as one and the same but these systems are all largely different. Dictatorship is a natural form of leadership and usually assumed automatically. It is exactly the same form of leadership formed in gangs where one person – and those … Continue reading

Respecting the beast


For the past year and a half I’ve become more and more fascinated by  the power we have, and don’t use. We basically have amazing luxuries and human rights compared to our grandparents time, and we are lost in meaning. We are well educated modern people, living in an industrial economy, we have freedom of speech, we have great health care system. We have also social systems in … Continue reading