Gazing at smokescreens of world orders

Many believe that Bush senior came up with the concept of “World government” when he coined the phrase “new world order” but it wasn’t his.

Woodrow Wilson was the first real contender to point into the direction of a World government after the First World War, when he facilitated the formation of “The Leage of Nations”, an experiment which failed within 20 years.

Theodore Roosevelt had greater success than Wilson when he facilitated the formation of “The United Nations”. Both of these visionaries believed in the nobility of the cause. It is very likely that both of them naively believed they were on the road to peace.

Roosevelt knew – as the historian David Irving has pointed out, and others – that there was a way to demolish the British Empire in a very cunning and unique way, with a North American world empire. This is a known fact, and he proved his point, but it is out of scope.

The concept of “World government” is as old as the unification of lower and upper Kingdoms of the Nile – or Upper and Lower Khemet.

It is not often that modern man uses his education to connect the dots of our own culture which was born on the banks of the Nile and between Euphrates and Tigris (Iraq). But the structure of both governments and religions when forming power-structures around – or upon – peoples was designed and tested five millenniums ago.

It is also rare that the common man – in modern times – reflects on the intelligence and wisdom of those who shaped our culture. Simply because these people *seemed* to be governed by narrow minded superstitions: They didn’t know Darwinism, Keplerism, Atheism, Newtonism, or about science like Electricity, Radiowaves, Fossil-engines, or flight, but that doesn’t mean that they were unintelligent.

In fact I personally feel that a person who has received education from the age of six until sixteen – at least – and even further into higher education, but hangs daily consuming cheap TV or other forms of cheap entertainment, dances with shallow and superficial egoism and drama, mostly bored with their lives and not bothering to use their knowledge either to further themselves or at least pay attention to they world and culture they live in; have nothing to add about the people who intentionally shaped our culture to the best of their knowledge at a given time.

The Romans knew about science, religion, poetry, education, democracy, sailing, exploring, trading, and transportation, and effectively governing nations far away for a long time.

The Romans and the Incas where pioneers of making road systems which was accessible to the public and was well maintained. Also let us keep in mind that up until Gutenberg we had no way of printing our knowledge to make it accessible and lasting; the knowledge we couldn’t afford to literally write onto skin was kept as much as possible; verbally, memorized and a few precious manuscripts where kept in vaults.

The tradition of the library – which is very dear to me personally – is one of the cornerstones of our current civilization.

Those who were lucky enough to learn how to read and write were also made to learn techniques to memorize entire books, to reiterate them and also to prove in oratorial training how to connect seemingly unrelated dots between different venues of their *sciences*. These men – and in far to few cases also women – developed their intellect to their fullest potential.

Let us assume that great leaders of the past – and the people who worked with them and influenced them – knew the concept of “world government” when they tried to establish it, and accidentally created empires which some lasted for centuries.

No the concept is certainly not new. The phrase “new world order” is certainly not new either, but had usually been used more in the classical Christian context – perhaps there is a correlation here?

The note I wished to make, is that it is easy to connect a few dots here. How the shadow groups – which are well known – have been more or less safe on the west coast of North America since their transference from City of London in the mid nineteenth century, powerhouses with more or less known tentacles all over the world, a net of power, education, influence and political schemes, which has been carefully woven since the mid 1700s.

Well, if we really would connect these dots culturally I could go all the way back to Mid-Egypt era. But I’ve already explained that in “Orðatal” and we’ll leave that topic until I’ve managed to translate the book.

In my view our current culture is the Egyptian timeline, the one which started after the great cataclysm or Noah’s flood. Before that was the Ur timeline but at that time and for some time afterward Eyptian kingdom was named Khemet.

Anyway let’s make it simple. The scheme we see unraveling in the last ten years isn’t new. It was designed a long time ago. Particularly the way you’re being deceived with global spins is easy to see through.

For example: Is it a coincidence that Russia got the upper hand in world politics two weeks after Snowden *defected*? Is it a coincidence that “the leader of the new world government” is provoking war in their backyard, less than a year since?

Is it a coincidence that all the invasions and attacks by the NATO alliance (which was formed as a defense leage) have all been directed at states who refuse to obey the IMF and they banking cartels? Did you know that in the last six years, Russia has been shaking those cartels off their backs?

Is it a coincidence that mass media tells you nothing about these dots? Is it a coincidence that there are international laws being designed in the last couple of years directed at the freedom of the internet, and it is very hush hush?

Unbelievable of course. We are so used to trusting the mass media that we automatically assume that information outside the mainstream is susceptible. Furthermore, those who connect these dots and write about them – which are many – are prone to appear fanatical and angry, and we trust neither.

We’d rather trust a well dressed psychopath*.

But in all these, there is no conspiracy going on. For conspiracy is a term for a plot devised against someone, done in secret by select few. The forces governing the world are not secretive; they’re just not in front of your eyes but certainly not few. It is extremely easy to see what is going on, but they are not plotting against you.

They don’t care about you, living or dying or anything. Because the masses matter nothing to them, precisely because of the way the masses behave in their “animal spirit”. But I won’t go into that. You probably know perfectly what I’m referring to.




The funny aspect to this – if I read correctly into current state of world affairs. Why is the Nato/US war machine so loud? Why is it so driven in the past few years? I don’t think it is because of neither politics nor oil – though media tries to influence that on us.

I think it is because of the looming collapse in trading. The collapse of 2008 was a currency collapse, but not trading like in 1929. Many prominent economists have warned us bout the signs of a pending collapse. Also there are articles I’ve seen which point out that 75% of the US economy is based on war economy, it is not evident on the surface but easy to point it out – but for brevity I won’t go into it here.

It suffices to say that turning the war engine on makes it less likely that the collapse will break in. Also it has happened in history that when people are occupied by dire possibility of war, they’re less likely to fight the home front. I have seen in recent months many lectures – yes, on Youtube, from journalists and writers outside the main scope who have said the same things, but more coherently than I do.




I advise selfeducation about these points, but most of all, a question: What can a small individual do? That is if that individual wishes to take part in the global movement to transform our world into something *all of us* could agree on?

In my opinion it is easy.

  1. Spend your money where you want them to move.
  2. Selfeducate and avoid TV-hypnotism – if you’re bored turn to intelligent radio stations.
  3. Talk about what you learn with other people.

The first point begins to starve the power systems. The second point frees you. The third point creates a movement of mind. If you do these steps you will automatically realize the fourth step: non-violence and respectful communication, both of which are cornerstones of *direct democracy*.

The question is what is direct democracy? It is an effective system where every person in the society has a direct influence on how his community is governed, at the minimum annually, and an active voice. And they did that without phone, internet, electricity, cars or airplanes. They also did this seemingly without educational system.

It was used in Iceland from 930 AD until around 1300 AD. We have only four centuries of experience, using that powerful, respectful and inspiring method. But we’re no less stupid than the founders of Iceland. We can re-devise it.


* Psychopaths are types of people who gain your trust by telling you things you want to hear, in a manner and presentation to win your trust, in order to get something from you i.e. money, wealth, time, vote, …






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