World of Perceptions

The human brain is one of the most useful tool ever invented – or inspired – by the Universe, or by the Universal soul. It can comprehend anything it puts its mind to.

You can imagine within your mind how the Universe looks from the outside and you can imagine and perceive what the infinite was like before the Universe ignited.

The only limit to your mind is that you cannot feel that you have never existed and you cannot remember when your first moment was.

Two of the most impressive features of this powerful biological computer is its ability to overlook what is apparent and its urge to deceive itself.

How can the universe come up with the idea to create a brain so powerful that it can stuff the universe into itself? Who was first, the chick or the egg?

We go through life taking the world for granted, not because it should be but because it’s there. A tree is the way a tree grows, with all its usefulness to us and life, and we cannot imagine a world of perception where there are no trees.

When we make mistakes we feel ashamed and it is a negative emotion, or so it seems. We proceed to find explanation – as is the minds nature – and when we find a pleasing explanation it sticks. As it seems to work for us, and let the negative emotion subside, we repeat it.

The mind likes patterns.

What we often fail to realize is that we label uncomfortable emotion as a negative one we also fail to perceive it as a positive one. It is the same uncomfortable feeling as breaking a bone in your body. While the pain is there you have a chance to heal the bone and because of the pain you avoid putting pressure on it. Therefore the pain of breaking a bone is a positive one.

As we avoid the so called negative emotion we find the explanation to our mistakes which free us from responsibility for the mistake we made. We deceive our minds that we didn’t really make a mistake because it was the fault of circumstances or somebody else’s fault.

Therefore we create the illusion that we’re fine, that we are precious.

In reality we are avoiding a deeper sensation of feeling unappreciated or; feeling perceived negatively in other peoples perceptions. We create the habit of avoiding the pain of our mistakes, painting an illusory perception of ourselves both for our personal illusion and to display to others.

Enter the powerful ability for self deception, which points to crude facade of it. When someone exposes our truth we respond with anger or hate, we oppose the perceived attacker of our self deceptions, the one who shatters our hall of self made mirrors.

Here we begin to overlook our ability to take almost everything in our immediate environment for granted. We begin to overlook that the entire world of society is made up of perceptions. We begin to take the present perception of current culture as granted and we even make dogma out of it.

How should I interact with strangers at the supermarket?

I don’t even have to ask, for we know how to and we don’t need to ask ourselves questions about it. How should I greet friends, how should I interact with loved ones? How should I perceive powerful dignitaries of politics, economy and religion? How should I approach education, handle my money, behave at work?

The list of questions we could ask is endless but we don’t do it because we know how to do these things, or so we believe. The few who dare to ask these questions and reflect on different answers are often perceived as boring nerds who think too much anyway, but often they point out to us that we are hypnotized in our ways.

Even the few who dare to reflect, selfeducate and think about this perceptional dilemma end up with another mirror of self deception. Namely that the hypnotized mindset is the fault of religions, politics, education systems, grandmother, or some evil beings in the spiritual darkness.

The ugly truth is simple; we self-hypnotize.

Did you know that making Gazoline pollutes 50% more than making Diesel? Did you know that the economy of Gazoline powered cars is responsible for approximately 15% of all pollution? Did you realize that if we all would refuse to use or sit in a Gazoline powered car, pollution would slow down 10% and possibly 20%.

Why should you reflect on perception? It is somebody else’s fault isn’t it? Make it the responsibility of car manufacturers, oil refineries and politics to take responsibility for our environment. Why not let them design education for our children also?

Most people would rather read a post on which mobile phone to buy next month, to replace the one bought last year. Keep the mind occupied and hypnotized. Make sure that all problems of the hypnotized mind are the fault of someone else; even the state of hypnotism.


I wish to end this short reflection by posting a link to an interesting talk about Perceptional reality, presented by the poet John Trudell:








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