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Stalin – The greatest genocidal tyrant in history


Nikita Khrushchev held a speech in 1956 where he blamed Stalin for killing millions of people. He provided no documentation of the state and no proof of budget. Everyone believed him and all demogogues and populists and propaganda ghouls out there have since proudly declared Stalin as one of the greatest genocidal tyrants in history of the world. No state ever kills people without a budget and … Continue reading

There is no proof that the Universe is expanding


Astrophysics claims that the Universe is expanding. It believes this because of some spectroanalysis on light emanating from very tiny spots seen through telescopes. That should tell us all we need to know about Astrophysics and humanist orthodoxy, but there is a proof that they don’t know, If the Universe expands, then it must expand from someplace, a fixed point. If there is a fixed point and … Continue reading

Democracy for the Brainwashed


Sometimes the “Self Evident” escapes our argument when we engage in a discourse about objects or concepts within the framework of our worldviews. Democracy in our world is the right way, we believe, but are we aware that it’s an umbrella concept? For example we know – presumably for a fact – that non-democratic regimes being tyrannical and we also know for presumable fact that anyone who doesn’t … Continue reading

Deciphering self hypnosis


Self hypnotism works like this; all your ideas are your truth. All other peoples ideas are stupid, except of those who lead and inspire yours. There’s a second step to this process which shouts at you the moment you begin to see it – a moment which lasts for about 3 months – and has to do with regulating your brainwaves and replacing your natural imagination with … Continue reading

Perceptions of expected reality


It isn’t about someone controlling you. It’s about your will. All conspiracy theorists are simply projecting their own anger and fear. They have deciphered an illusion, discovered a deception, and then they project onto it what some – supposedly evil – minds or entities must have had in mind or be having in mind. As I point out so often; you must go deeper into the labyrinth … Continue reading

Shadow Racism of the Hippocrite


Within the Roman province of the modern empire, you are politically incorrect if you say Black person or a Colored person, so you have to say African American. This is the worst form of racism I’ve ever witnessed. If the empire meant racial equality the politically correct term would be American. Just like Caucasian Americans are now referred to as Americans. It doesn’t matter what term you … Continue reading

The illusion of the Big Bang


I love science and believe the Big Bang theory; that in an instant the Universe sprang into existence in one immeasurable moment or less. Just like it says in the Bible that in the beginning there was darkness and God said “let there be light.” Today’s science has proved through the Quantum theory that the whole of Universe is literally made out of light, that light drives … Continue reading

Spiritual malnourishment of the masses


The masses of modern culture search for instant gratification all over the world and the populations desire a solution to ageless questions like why we are here, how to escape emotional pain, and other difficult questions. All the while the structures of power, economy and religious doctrine enforces the sensation of fear and feeling of being inadequate among the people. Then people turn to their leaders, to … Continue reading

Convergence of the nine realms


I’m awake now! But awake to what? What perception illuminates you today, might hypnotize you tomorrow. Remember that the devil is a Being of light, which has power over all seven realms, and can possibly traverse the remaining two. Yes there are nine realms of vibration or awareness. If that being could hypnotize and lead the angels, which know more than you and I know combined, and … Continue reading

World of Perceptions


The human brain is one of the most useful tool ever invented – or inspired – by the Universe, or by the Universal soul. It can comprehend anything it puts its mind to. You can imagine within your mind how the Universe looks from the outside and you can imagine and perceive what the infinite was like before the Universe ignited. The only limit to your mind … Continue reading

The real conspiracy


There is no conspiracy behind this Conspiracy theory. There are no evil people out to get you and fool you.  There are people who control your ideas and society because you, the public believe their systems and ideas. There are also people in control because you don’t want to be responsible and you don’t want to make a stand for what you believe in. Therefore the ones who … Continue reading