How to boycott our home and harm Gaia

James Lovelock was the first scientist to notice that our culture was beginning to change the atmosphere. He has been a respected scientist and inventor for over sixty years.

When he put together the Gaia Hypothesis he had been working with Nasa in a group with other scientists, among them being the world famous Carl Sagan.

Nasa had assembled this group to study how likely it would be to find life on Mars. Now almost fifty years later we know what Mars is like because we’ve sent probes, but in 1970 we could barely fly to the moon.

The group had been working on devising a method or a model to use to figure out the probability of life on a planet or a moon. Now almost five decades later space scientists know much about how to figure this out but Lovelock was the first one to figure out how to do that.

Later on he put together knowledge about our biosphere, the oceans, and land based life, and explored the then known history of our planet earth. He came up with a hypothesis which was at the time a “groundbreaking out of the box idea.”

He observed that when life on Earth, and history of life on Earth, in a broad sense rather than the conventional minimalist way of modern science, that it might be hypothesized that the planet was alive like one living organism.

Not unlike that we humans are one living organism but there exist thousands of smaller organisms inside us and on our surface. Furthermore it might be possible – as dangerous as it could sound – to ask ourselves if the Earth had an awareness.

An idea which I’ve projected myself onto some of my own ideas.

I have suggested many times that life can be defined in broader sense than science agrees to and along with it awareness. For example the Sun – which I like to call Gloria – might be aware of itself. The suggestion means that brain is not the holder of awareness, but the soul is.

For years the scientific community refused to even consider this hypothesis and Lovelock had to publish his paper himself. It wasn’t until his friend Dr. Sagan published an article in his own publication that James Lovelock – and his collaborator Lynn Margulis – were recognized.

As of today this groundbreaking hypothesis – which is supported by good scientific work on broad scale – is respected and unrefuted. But the modern times of our egotistical thinking and corporate rule boycott this thinking and research as much as is possible.

Not that the scientific community ignores this totally but that media and those who remind people of what’s going on try to keep these subjects shadowed.

The reason is simple: when you open a relationship with the awareness of Gaia and when you open your eyes to personal responsibility in preservation and nurturing life on “our home” rather than “this planet” – you begin to see why main media and education tries to shut this out.

I urge you to spend a day reading up on the history of Gaia Hypothesis and to research the work of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis. I also suggest to check out interviews with Lovelock on Youtube. I promise that the day will be well spent.


I place here for convenience some links which I find to be a good start.

Remember that if you don’t selfeducate you’re hypnotized.






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