Convergence of the nine realms

I’m awake now! But awake to what? What perception illuminates you today, might hypnotize you tomorrow. Remember that the devil is a Being of light, which has power over all seven realms, and can possibly traverse the remaining two.

Yes there are nine realms of vibration or awareness.

If that being could hypnotize and lead the angels, which know more than you and I know combined, and they have patience enough to outrun time; then don’t bee fooled into believing just about anything you can proclaim that you do. And develop patience to hear answers through decades to secret questions.

If you understand what true liberty is, and non-agression, you the human crowd just might avoid the cataclysmic crisis and breakdown. You might just break free from the Paradigm shift or Cataclysm.

A singularity of awareness is a transcendental object at the end of time where property becomes infinite – density becomes infinite – like a black hole, or the second before the big bang in the collective of human consciousness.

The complexity consciousness theory states that a spiral goes on forever, yet converges on a single point, or pivotal axis. But what is the “space time continuuum?” Where is the discontinuity and the new shift in consciousness?

It can be apparent (Russell) the same way that the pineal gland in disharmony can show you ghosts and how convergence of the nine worlds opens up an understanding to the nine founding members of the temple of the day of return of the nine deities.

This the knights templars understood and they explained it as a large explosion in the sky, blocking the sun for three days, and the descend to the underworld to wake up a solo deity, the waking up the serpent like energy from through the spine; which was known to Mayan mystics, Indian gurus and many others

Mayans could calculate alignment of stars in Milky Way happening in the future. Keep in mind that the Milky Way was just a belt of stars to us until less than a century ago, but the primitive Mayans knew what it was.

The world was not meant to end but to be born again, as in a spiritual evolution/re-evolution of our humanity. The galaxy waits for us in thise sense. And it might be interesting to researche Daniel Brinkley’s scenes from the future, between 1975 and 2012-4.

There is a window of opportunity for mankind now to make a leap/transformation/jump, as a spontaneous mass evolution or synchronicity from its old destructive way of mind into something never seen before.

Some would say now that the movie called Knowing would be of interest here, but I’m not sure.

When I mention old way of mind, I do not only refer to the human mindset of the last three thousand years but also the five to eight thousand years before. Because I believe that Noahs’ cataclysm had to do with how the Pyramids where devices.

Using sound sciences – to open up to the world of dark matter in the Universe and consequently to travel vast distances superfast; yet they were dangerous to the rest of the Galaxy and had to be shut down!

I’m pretty sure that we’re not far away from re-discovering this science which many primitive cultures around the globe were aware of for long time, and that many other cultures around the Milky Way are keeping a close eye on us, not for conspiracy but for their own safety concerns.

You see; you cannot tap into the power of the black sun, named Vril, without purity! This the other farers of the Galaxy already know and have known for long. And they fear us for a reason we ourselves have been hypnotized to forget about.


p.s. Please forgive the manner in which I make this article – I’m not fully myself this month and find it difficult to write proper – I hope to revise when I can.




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