The illusion of the Big Bang

I love science and believe the Big Bang theory; that in an instant the Universe sprang into existence in one immeasurable moment or less. Just like it says in the Bible that in the beginning there was darkness and God said “let there be light.

Today’s science has proved through the Quantum theory that the whole of Universe is literally made out of light, that light drives it and that within the Universe nothing seems faster. But there are questions.

Science tries to find out what really happened in the first second of the Big Bang. Some others are taking a look at the first three seconds and the Stephen Hawking has mentioned that the greatest mystery is right there in the first fifteen seconds.

In essence, if we can solve this riddle we might be able to solve the riddle of ourselves. Perhaps even begin to understand that the question “is there life in the Universe” is a silly one because “the Universe is alive.”




There are some questions that rise in my mind when watching this amazing documentary. Firstly I noticed that there are two moments in the said first second which might suggest an awareness or creative mind at work. The documentary was edited in such a way that a perceptive mind might not notice, but I did.

I challenge you to find these and then move to some more interesting questions. Namely why the modern culture is so keen to remove from our minds and hearts the notion of a creative spirit or creative awareness from the picture. Why is it so dangerous for you to ponder on this?

Do those who rule the culture suspect that you – as an individual or we as species – might be able to communicate with this great Soul and develop a relationship?

Might there be a conspiracy involved? Is it true that there are fallen angels who have hypnotized our cultures for centuries for some means we cannot see unless we strip ourselves of spiritual, intellectual and emotional boundaries?

One question I borrow from friend: Since we cannot travel to the nearest sun yet, then how do we know how all of this looks? Consequently I will add one of my favorite question; since light can fool you and since illumination is always a distortion of a truth then how come we are so certain of the history of the Big Bang when all of it is measured through light?

As a last point, we suspect the existence of Dark Matter, but we have no idea what it is, where it is, how it is, why it is or what it’s physics are.

I am so far the only one on our planet and in our history that suggests that we can open up a doorway to the black universe and use black-traveling to re-appear anywhere in the universe within moments.





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