Spiritual malnourishment of the masses

The masses of modern culture search for instant gratification all over the world and the populations desire a solution to ageless questions like why we are here, how to escape emotional pain, and other difficult questions.

All the while the structures of power, economy and religious doctrine enforces the sensation of fear and feeling of being inadequate among the people.

Then people turn to their leaders, to institutions of science and education for answers, which provide abundance of words and explanations hiding the inability to satisfy. Then people ponder the impotence of leaders and teachers to satisfy people’s need for answers and particularly the need for spiritual nourishment.

But still we have so much to do, so many options of gratification, so much to occupy our minds that we fall short and eventually give up searching for real answers but fall back on the answers which make us feel good for a while.

A while is not a long time and we come up thirsty, hungry, scared, disoriented, confused, and eventually we settle for less than we were inspired to seek. Particularly we end up disbelieving that the prophets of old – who claimed to be directly inspired by God – had any real meaning to say.

But we fail to see that the bureaucrats of doctrine – the priests and theologians – had simply diluted the content with their confusing and learned explanations hiding that the scribes are just as lost as we’ve become.

But this is not the fallacy anymore. For all the ancient prophecies of the end of the world and the aspiring spiritual transformation of those who are thirsty for God’s values have come true.

I have explained this already in articles tagged “Seven Seals”. I have not explained all of this yet, but you can begin to look into it.

You will discover that it holds true what the great prophet Jesus from Nazareth said when he explained that the time of God sneaks in through the backdoor of our perceptions, like a Thief in the Night.




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