Dream of who your soul desires to be

Close your eyes and travel to your dream. Not the dream of all you want to have, for what you can have you can also lose. Not to the dream inspired by others, because you can never be others. 

Go to the dream of who you want to be. 

img-coll-0316Dream of who your soul has always wanted to be. Don’t dream of what you can be, only who. For the What can be lost, but the Who will always be yours.

Before you were born, your soul chose the destiny to learn from and to grow from. It is your ego who overshadows your destiny and chases illusions and vanity.

Learn to dream for your soul.

If you want to be loved, begin by loving yourself. The best way to grow in love is to use the mirror: Tell your mirror image every day “I love you” and then Smile, and then gently touch the parts of your body which you don’t like.

Do this every day, and you will soon notice that people like you better. Your confidence will grow accordingly.





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