Demon of indoctrination disguised as an angel

What drives most thinking people away from faith is how religions have sacrificed their content for rules and form.

img-coll-0140Slowly through the centuries we – the common people – have been led away from inspiration towards indoctrination. Education has not been able to lift this yoke of the mind and we see the results everywhere.

We constantly let other people lead us to their truths and solutions, giving us a false sense of relief, from a relief from governing our society to a relief from responsibility to our own sins.

Even God himself – or herself – has been made a property of the bureaucrats of faith – the clergy, and distanced from our awareness. A distance which they’ve used to create in our minds and our hearts an image of a distant figurehead somewhere in a cloudy fantasy who doesn’t respond to our prayers and seemingly can only be approached through form of reverance and cowtow.

But what is God if he – or she – is not a personal force in your life? What is God’s worth if he is not there all the time for you or with you or because of you, whatever you do and however you do it?

Who is to say what – or who – God is except for God, and who should interpret it to you except God?

God to me is everything, and there is no image in your mind or in anybody’s mind that can explain what that means: I take responsibility for my own salvation, for my own sinless life, for my own spiritual growth and maturity – hand in hand with who I believe in.

All this would be clear to any thinking person, but what is a thinking person? Someone who remembers the indoctrination and hypnotism of the industrial culture?

A world where the common person is under the influence of the demonic fallen angel of Indoctrination, disguised as the Angel of Education, taught to remember things fitting for a career and place in society, or someone able to selfeducate and regenerate knowledge into information?


On lighter notes, I suggest a short tune from Faithless; God is my DJ.






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