The Spanish Flu may have been created

Most diseases went away because people began showering, washing hands, stopped drinking from shared barrels and had access to clean tap (or bootled) water, and because it was easier to wash clothes and linen, clean and disinfect houses.

img-coll-0215Food became better because of fridgerated containers from farmer to consumer and because of increased hygiene in food production and because of safer storage methods.

Let’s not forget indoor plumbing and closed sewers.

Of course medication became better along with understanding of water, micronutrients and of course there’s something about vaccines and other med-shots.

But there is so much criticism today of vaccines and most of the above listed changes in history occurred during the same time period; we simply have no clear way of being sure.

There is much talk about overuse or conspiracy about vaccines. Some people point to the big pharmaceuticals behind research, production and marketing of vaccines, and particularly about the vulnerability of general practicioners (or doctors) to be independent of their pressure.

Be that as it may, since I’m not a scientist in this area. I’ve had good discussion with a friend who is an academic in the field of biology who has pointed out to me excellent points to consider. More or less I’m left out with a question mark in my mind.

Some people point to the Rockefellers being behind the original vaccine research and suspect that they’re heavily involved behind the scenes.

I find it plausible, but I am not against anyone so I don’t really care who is behind it. What I find interesting however is how three points of Spanish Flu, Vaccines and Armies check out.

Do I need to explain the accidental conspiracy which got formed out of a coincidence?





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